Bitcoin (BTC) in the rebound close to 4K, but still strong downward trend

Peter Brandt (Peter Brandt) this name in recent years you may have heard of. For those who don’t know, Brandt is a has decades of experience in commodity market traders, also found new bitcoin (BTC). Although the American traders had already fallen in love with a bitcoin this money, but in nearly a year ago in January 22nd, Brandt had called for a bitcoin correction, citing “(technical analysis)”. At that time, in a have 3300 like Twitter, charts, the authors explain, after the parabolic rise in the market value, is expected to be down more than 80%. Similarly, Brandt pointed out that BTC fell 80%, which will lead to the blockchain assets fell to $3933. Now, in the call of Brandt because the bear was denounced, died on the cross, after the excommunication, his prediction came true. This is not being ignored. Traders, analysts and commentators on Twitter notorious recently sent a tweet, called @infamousXBT. This tweet seems to make fun of the encryption community less than a predicted $4000 on Brandt’s reaction.

A few months later, Brandt has another prediction of encryption currency market, especially about bitcoin. Factor LLC, chief executive in YAHOO Finance (Yahoo Finance) said in an interview that he expects BTC will not “go anywhere”, and explains this point. The assets could reach $4600 in the near future. However, he added that if the BTC exceeded 4000 US dollars, this trend may be classified as a “dead cat bounce”, rather than the long term trend reversal. Of course, the dead cat bounce refers to assets fell sharply after the rebound, but then fell further. If this move has become a reality, bitcoin fell below $3000 in the first quarter of 2019, he expects bitcoin will remain at $1200, because bitcoin is in a “strong downward channel. Although he on encryption market short-term future painted a bleak picture, but Brandt pointed out that, ultimately, he believes bitcoin (will be) exciting again “, but he didn’t give any specific timetable vague words. However, he insisted that, if exceeded $1200, bitcoin will begin to lose users, even hardcore users. The trader with CoinTelegraph recently sat down and discussed his expectations for the encryption of monetary market. Interestingly, the factors responsible person explained that he will become the “BTC long-term buyers and owners”.

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Source: ethereumworldnews

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