Bitcoin (BTC) price correction exceeded 15% and tested the $28500 region

#Bitcoin ා prices began to revise downward below the support level of US $32500. BTC fell more than 15% and even soared below $30000. Bulls are active around $28500 and are currently priced at more than $30000. Similarly, most of the major counterfeit currencies have experienced significant downward revisions, including Ethereum, EOS, XLM, link, BNB, OMG, Neo, TRX, bitcoin, cash, dot, litecoin and ADA. Eth / USD soared to $1175 before breaking through $250 and testing $900. XRP / USD is still trading above the support of $0.212 and $0.200. Bitcoin’s price has fluctuated several times in the past two trading days, falling below $32500. BTC fell sharply below $30000 and $29500. It has gained support near the $28500 region and has recently started a new rally. Prices are back above the $30000 level and seem to be able to continue to rise to the resistance level of $32500 (the latest collapse area). If there is a new drop, the price could be close to $30000. The main support this week appears to be around $28500.

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