Bitcoin bubble dream biggest bust: $30 billion vanish, also fell 50%

In recent days, bitcoin, several roads “blockchain believers, suddenly opened the immersion model.

Non small data show that 11 of 14 March 12, bitcoin price is $6417. In November 16th 12, the price has dropped to $5671. 11 20 April 12, bitcoin price of $4706. In just a week, the unit price of bitcoin has been reduced by about 30%, the market value has evaporated billion and $29746.

As of 20 at 19:00, bitcoin price of $4518, 4% less than 12 hours a day. For a time, ring, ring, coin mining exchange, until the panic of leek.

“Bleeding flawed” currency investors

In November 20th 12, bitcoin fell 76%, to $19299 at the end of last year. In fact, this is not the worst. Since this year, the currency has been in decline for half a year.

The “daily economic news” reporter statistics on non small numbers. In 2479 kinds of encryption currency, a hair has 1400 head, 611 head of a hair.

At zero wave quanqian, for several months, investors give up some money altcoin, leek, air protection, and replace it with the “king of the bitcoin currency”. I think bitcoin will increase to $1 million”. Diving is a cold.

The reporter contacted Mr. Wang, the main investor money ring, “I bleed,” Mr. Wang said, when it comes to the interview, Mr. Wang said, “let us return to poverty.” “No, I feel a little tired, I have a rest, then hurried over the phone.

In the blockchain community, investors have the publication name “oh! Not so bad, this wave of quilt don’t know what time it “said:” bitcoin more than $5000 to $20000 in the first two days, the fund is currently US $15000 dead……”

But there is also a game of chance. In the same community, someone posted release, claiming that they have dropped 4500 of full scale, open and future at the same time. “If you break 4300, then he said, I die, don’t dig up my article, when you get there, let me die. If I go to the 6000, I will retire, instead of playing, away from the coin circle”.

The propagation of shock wave

Bitcoin collapse, not only is the leek, also includes the whole industry chain. According to industry experts, after repeated fall, the price of bitcoin has penetrated several mining machines, which are distributed in small and medium-sized mines, such as Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, the cost has been reluctant to sell second-hand machines. The price of a mining machine a year ago as high as 20000, the secondary transfer price is only 1000 yuan. As with the liquidation of the mine, 11 20, energy management platform also issued a notice of settlement. The platform said, because the contract has not been ant S9 from 7 in November 2018 to pay management fees, 10 consecutive days – November 16, 2018 according to the calculation of service agreement “XXX” if the ten day contract did not have enough money to pay the electricity bill, management fees, electricity contract will be cancelled automatically.

Analysis of industry experts cryptocurrency has declined, and related to money, soon to be included in the main currency exchange, the major chip manufacturers, it will be severely affected, especially since the beginning of the year, the establishment of the year, depending on the ICO project platform won hundreds of media has been the media to take the coin.

11 19, the Hangzhou new economy chain group summit 2018 “pan Chengpan capital, capital Panzhihua founder said the market may be worse than I imagined, and now the market it is declining in 10%, the next 50% will decline, even bitcoin prices will drop to 50%. Can also get the maximum value of 90%.

And before the crazy call, Chen Weixing changed his mind: “now, when it’s time to admit the mistake, don’t do a lot of good influence on this industry especially influential people is wrong to admit that, because we haven’t tried. Let this industry normalization. “

“This round of decline is related to law enforcement actions”

Due to the collapse of bitcoin, we must first talk about the last few days BCH (bitcoin cash) differences. 11 Sept. 15 in the afternoon, thousands of global BCH powder by Cash.Coin see. Dance。 They did not sleep all night. He seemed to be watching the game. The difference lies in the team but the team is not full screen change. number

In this battle, Craig Wright SV, commonly known as “Australia Satoshi”, to expand to 128 trillion. Doctor Craig Wright insists Nakamoto (Cong vision), call system, point to point effectively, on the other hand, ABC, bitcoin (machine maker mine) and Roger Wu (bitcoin) view the letter originally conceived, Jesus) that there is no need to increase the blocking ability now. The developers plan to update the network function to reduce transaction costs.

In order to win the battle, the two sides were calculated and their computational capabilities. Data show that since the war, the entire BTC network has dropped by 13%.

The currency of the original circle of death now heartbreaking, the entire community is split, the “coin” the king of the state of trembling. A power struggle is one of the most important reasons. On Friday, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission UU. (SEC) ordered all users two had previously been investigated ICO active contact 2017 years 10 months in the ICO. And tell them they have the right to request a refund and interest, including those who sell their tokens with a loss of people. Investors in the purchase will be in the form of French money received payment in us dollars.

The two companies are judged on Airfox and gon. Airfox raised $15 million, the current market value of only $1 million 70 thousand. Gon raised $12 million, the current market value of only $4 million 290 thousand. Sales of the two companies are more than 90%.

Professionals said: “this round of reduction associated with law enforcement, law enforcement agencies are almost certain to take action.” Crypto currency company spent a lot of money to the party organization. To promote his luxury roadshow ICO billionaire, which has become a ICO. The traditional spirit makes investors return difficult to achieve. “

Imagine, you can earn a lot of money in the fraud and fraud. Now you must be forced to refund the money. Once forced tens of thousands of ICO does not support the psoriasis is no end.

The huge investment real prophecy.

What is the value of bitcoin? The encrypted digital currency can produce much value? In this sense, investment guru Buffett responded so far.

In 2014, Buffett once said: “in the bitcoin, away from bitcoin is just a fantasy, in my opinion, it has great intrinsic value is a joke.” In May this year, Buffett accepted the interview. He said: “bitcoin more toxic than mouse poison.”

In this dive, bitcoin broke a few line, because there is no use value, where the future down, God knows? Investors are advised to risk money ring, be careful!

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