Bitcoin can be disguised swap? Industry insiders say is not worthwhile

Bitcoin can be disguised swap? Industry insiders say is not worthwhile


The people’s Bank of China (central bank) and the State Administration of foreign exchange (SAFE) recent intensive talks, research by bitcoin bitcoin exchange, swap disguised topic return to public view.

In the domestic assets will be converted into bitcoins, and then converted into the corresponding foreign currency, can really break through the current foreign exchange swap policy in disguise? A number of bitcoin insiders and researchers on the surging news that theoretically feasible, but because of the difference between Chinese and foreign currency exchange, currency fluctuations and long-term and other reasons, this transfer of assets does not even bypass exchange policy “cost-effective”.

In January 6th, the people’s Bank of Shanghai China and its headquarters in Beijing and Shanghai interviewed three bitcoin exchange, let the recent abnormal situation to carry out self-examination, and make corresponding rectification. In addition, the management personnel who participated in the interviews in the exchange to surging news confirmed that the foreign exchange bureau also research its own platform, mainly through the path of breakthrough for bitcoin exchange control information.

A domestic bitcoin Exchange staff to explain to the surging news, bitcoin breakthrough exchange control theory is feasible, but swap those who need to take a loss. He said that at present the two ways for bitcoin exchange online and offline.

Among them, the online exchange is realized by bitcoin exchanges, because domestic and foreign currency exchange is open, so you can buy bitcoin in Renminbi in the domestic trading platform, and then go abroad to sell $platform. But the staff pointed out that large swap is not realistic, because the foreign exchange also has anti money laundering mechanism will verify the identity information, requiring withdrawal to provide proof of assets, so it is not easy for success.

The next line will swap in advance to find bitcoin buyers, agreed a good price in dollars, because bitcoin is a virtual currency, investors can enter a password character extract directly into your wallet, so this operation is feasible. But due to the bitcoin price volatility, are generally willing to line transactions would require the seller to “discount”, so the seller is not worth.

“I think the foreign exchange bureau to research, more to the outside world, the release of information to break through bitcoin exchange control, transfer of assets will be strictly monitored,” said the exchange.

In addition to the anti money laundering mechanism, buyers “bargain”, the difference between Chinese and foreign currency exchange will also raise bitcoin exchange cost.

A bitcoin entrepreneur told the surging news, the difference between Chinese and foreign currency exchange, such as the United States exchange than Chinese low price 1%-2%, much of the time even reached 9%, plus the transaction and cash withdrawal fees, will be part of the loss of value.

“Because people in the domestic bitcoin investment more, and bitcoin is fixed and limited, so the price is high and it is inevitable, which does not exclude the banker in the push up prices,” the source said, “the number of users, each exchange transactions are not the same, the price of bitcoin is multi factor cause, especially for the presence of foreign exchange control countries, spread abroad will be relatively high.”

Bitcoin prices in January 5th to a record high, reaching 8895 yuan after prices have dropped, the current price is 6000 yuan to 7000 yuan. 6, around 7 pm, the central bank announced the interview information, the price of bitcoin was diving to 5555 yuan. But compared to the beginning of 2016, this year, bitcoin prices have doubled.

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