Bitcoin can ETF through the hot 72% people allegedly optimistic about its through

Bitcoin can ETF through the hot 72% people allegedly optimistic about its through


The Winklevo brothers bitcoin ETF will be March 11th can get approved by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issues triggered a lively discussion of the public, more people tend to think that the enterprise outside counsel and independent institutions outside consultants and public opinion is an important reason for its ability to pass.

In February 14th of this year, all involved in the approval of Winklevo brothers bitcoin exchange ETF the relevant organization officials together in respect of extremely ETF Roundtable in the future. The discussion focuses on the market and the public on the reaction and many potential problems that may occur

As Cointelegraph previously reported, KCG Susquehanna international holding company and external consultants in February 14th by the securities and Exchange Commission into, to release ETF of the consideration. As an important part in the approval process, these independent lawyers and advisers will become an important reason for ETF can be approved.

In addition to KCG holdings and Susquehanna international consultants suggest, SEC is open for public comment, as one of the important standard to evaluate the.

The current mainstream opinion

According to the survey, so far, about 72% of the public approve bitcoin ETF. Another 28% people mentioned bitcoin network at present there are still some issues to deal with, but professional analysts believe that some problems to this part of the group opposed the mentioned may not decide if ETF can approve.

One of the frequently raised opponents of the ETF problem is hard bifurcation problems bitcoin. 28% of the public said bitcoin ETF has yet to do to explain these issues to the public.

So far, a rigid fork seems very far not been executed. To perform the hard disk, the miners must obtain network hash capability 51% to make a decision. However, bitcoin is not close to the threshold of the infinite. Even if bitcoin unlimited succeeds, and led to the creation of another bitcoin, this is not a major problem, because everyone in the network will be attributed to the equivalent balance of bitcoin unlimited.

A lawyer and professor of law at PhilipC.Chronakis is one of the representative supports the view that he mentioned bitcoin ETF approval will make SEC for the important regulatory status, to oversee the development of bitcoin, which makes the United States the development of the national currency is very beneficial.

Chronakis think:

“Hasty dismissed the proposal will not stop the pace of the development of bitcoin itself, ETF approval will be established by bitcoin as the legal status of venture capital investment. Bitcoin through ETF will make a large number of people benefit from.

Because of the direct beneficiaries of SEC and approved not bitcoin ETF. In fact, the most hope bitcoin ETF approval is likely to be the United States government, which contributes to the bitcoin market more regular open, which helps the government supervision.

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