Bitcoin cash (BCH) has won three big support

Bitcoin cash (BCH) has won three big support


When Nakamoto So first put forward the concept of “coins”, its purpose is to create an electronic cash system with point to point, a is not controlled by the central bank and third party currency, a transaction only takes a small fee or even zero cost money, a currency used by millions of people every day. But bitcoin bitcoin core developers under the leadership has been slowly out of the goal, to become the world’s greatest money lost ideal. While bitcoin cash (BCH) has become the most consistent with the thought “Nakamoto bitcoin”.

With bitcoin cash (BCH) the development of bitcoin cash (BCH) low fees, no congestion advantage has been recognized by many users and businesses, as many businesses and users choose to pay money already.

The world’s largest bitcoin payment service provider BitPay announced support for BCH

In December 15th, the world’s largest bitcoin payment service provider Bitpay announced that future plans to support a variety of block chain assets to pay, will now add bitcoin cash (BCH) support.

Bitpay has announced the payment of BCH, which means that once the company completed payment invoices and debit card, you can use bitcoin cash payment (BCH). Over the years they received a lot of support multiple digital assets request, the company that allows merchants to accept payments from other blockchain will open new markets. Another reason to block other chain from bitcoin, bitcoin network congestion and miners fee is too high.

Bitpay explained: “(bitcoin) the average transaction costs we already know at around $20, only bitcoin can not meet the current block chain needs to pay.” Bitcoin cash (BCH) was created by a branch of the bitcoin network block chain, it provides faster network payment confirmation and significantly reduce the cost of the miners.

Bitpay reveals the first step of BCH integration, from the Bitpay Visa card to start loading. In early 2018, all payment will default to bitcoin cash (BCH), but customers can still use the company to provide bitcoin payment. The Atlanta based company said at the launch of bitcoin cash (BCH) payment before the implementation, they will inform the public and businesses.

The global scale Blockchain online wallet service provider’s biggest support BCH

Blockchain, the world’s largest online wallet service provider, is also one of the most popular digital wallet service provider, has said it will fully support the BCH. At present, BCH has been able to use the wallet on the network. According to the company’s blog said, mobile support will be enabled in the first quarter of 2018. The Post wrote: “with bitcoin cash (BCH) to join our existing digital currency lineup, users now have a full set of options.”

The new feature will allow users in the virtual currency (such as bitcoin and Ethernet switch between trading and square). In addition, it can also serve as the central portal, users can track the price, and to send and receive funds. For most users, they still do not use legal currency trading service. As with bitcoin and Ethernet square, bitcoin cash (BCH) will have a private key, allowing full access token.

The United States the largest exchange or Coinbase will support BCH

After Europe’s largest stock exchange Bitstamp BCH on-line transaction, the largest U.S. exchange Coinbase will also support BCH trading. In bitcoin cash (BCH) after Coinbase, many users request that will add BCH trading in January 2018. At present, CoinbaseAPI has been set in the BCH option. This indicates that BCH will become the Coinbase exchange after BTC, ETH, LTC fourth kinds of digital currency. Coinbase full support for BCH will open up and pay $bitcoin cash (BCH) channels, bitcoin cash (BCH) will have a profound impact.

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