Bitcoin come of age? For the first time the price of bitcoin ever more than gold

Bitcoin come of age? For the first time the price of bitcoin ever more than gold


According to the CoinDesk bitcoin price index in U.S. dollars bitcoin prices on Thursday (March 2nd) climbed to a record high of $1251.32, more than the price of an ounce of gold. In early February, some exchange traded China bitcoin prices briefly beyond gold. But according to the most widely used benchmark for the price of bitcoin, bitcoin since the birth of the first half a year ago.

Including many bitcoin digital currency data and analysis company CryptoCompare CEO and founder of CharlesHayter, observers pointed out that there was a positive correlation between currency and gold. They said, more and more investors are willing to accept the digital currency, in the stock market and other more traditional bearing, they are more willing to buy coins.

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Unlike gold, hoping to increase the bitcoin exposure, but not willing to buy bitcoin investors almost no other options available. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering whether to approve the establishment of WinklevossBitcoinTrust, the SEC is considered one of the three major bitcoin ETF. SEC is expected to make a decision in March 11th. Qualified investors can directly buy GrayscaleBitcoinTrust, but its stock price often than bitcoin net asset value has a premium.

BlockchainCapital researcher and former Needham&Co. analyst SpencerBogart ETF believes that the possibility of bitcoin approved is relatively small. But if approved, bitcoin will rise more than iSharesSPDRGoldTrust recorded its first gold ETF gold prices rose.

With gold, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has been classified as bitcoin commodity. However, at least one important difference between the two: market capitalization of about $20 billion bitcoin market is far less than the gold market, and the volatility is much higher than the gold market.

Many gold lovers still skeptical. The chief executive of EuroPacificCapital, the long-term gold bull PeterSchiff earlier this week in CNBC will accept bitcoin compared to 1990s to BeanieBabies interview, Americans are obsessed with fanaticism.

“The number is fools gold,” he said.

This year, gold rose nearly 8% on Thursday, fell to $1230 / ounce mark near the intraday decline of nearly 1%. The bitcoin this year rose more than 25%, up about 2% days.

(source: Peng Bo, Businessinsider, FX168 financial network)

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