Bitcoin community favor for the isolation of testimony?

Bitcoin community favor for the isolation of testimony?

Compared to BitcoinUnlimited, the vast majority of respondents favored isolation witness (Segwit). 75.4% block chain and bitcoin experts expressed their support for the isolation of a witness activation in the community, while 70.5% experts opposed to BitcoinUnlimited.

The survey of 21 Business micro payment and payment network bitcoin’s. The respondents included block chain, bitcoin, and Ethernet in areas such as Fang executives and influential figures, for example, CEOAdamBack, digital currency group Blockstream (DigitalCurrencyGroup) CEORonHose and Wright currency founder CharlieLee.

The results of this survey

The main objective of this investigation is to evaluate the possibility of some, the popularity of digital currency and isolation or BitcoinUnlimited is activated by the witness.

After the two BitcoinUnlimited patch vulnerabilities, isolation and BitcoinCore witness R & D team support rate was significantly improved. When the BitcoinUnlimite team in order to immediately solve a Bug derived problems after their code on the closed source update, and isolation of witness, especially the hash rate is starting to gain support. Most people in the community have refused to accept the BitcoinUnlimi development philosophy, according to the public on the isolation of witness support rate, this point obviously.

The most striking of the survey is to ask the community “how to look at the potential problems of non isolated witness solutions increase block” this part. The community is beyond all expectations, 49.2% of people said they were very much agree with non isolated basic blocks increased witness solutions, but they also support in the future using this program.

Select the isolated witness is BitcoinUnlimited

At present, due to the controversial BitcoinUnlimited future, the majority of enterprises, bitcoin industry companies and organizations are in denial of BitcoinUnlimted. If the bifurcation, will inevitably lead to split the chain, and will lead to economic and technical problems difficult to deal with in the future.

However, after careful evaluation and careful planning, the undisputed hard bifurcation exists. A typical example is the classic Ethernet (EthereumClassic) in the recent implementation of the bifurcation hard to eliminate, expansion of monetary policy and increase the original Ethernet square, a similar bitcoin monetary policy, making it become more scarce and rare ETC tokens. In essence, the etheric classic R & D team to promote the etheric classics become digital currency to take the bifurcation of the move, but not to be as assets to development.

According to Cointelegraph reports, in the earlier this month, ZCash CEOZookoWilcox also made him on hard security and non controversial standard bifurcation. The following chart shows the data, Wilcox explained, not all is not safe and hard bifurcation solutions, rather than soft bifurcation, the implementation of a good hard bifurcation solution can make the network more efficiently update.

The rise of the etheric Fang

The survey also asked the community to their digital currency portfolio (set portfolio: held by investors or financial institutions in the stock, bonds, financial derivative products etc.. The purpose of the portfolio is to disperse risk). Digital currency in the top three are: bitcoin (98.4%), Ethernet Ethernet Fang (65.6%) and Zcash ($37.7%).

Interestingly, each currency has their own a little. To focus on safety bitcoin, so that users can pay in a transparent secure peer-to-peer protocol.

As for the etheric coins, it has one of the best flexibility and the most advanced features, allowing users to pay will not have to worry about block chain congestion. Zcash allows the user to propose or accept the transaction in a completely anonymous condition, provides maximum financial privacy for the community.

The popularity of the etheric square just cater to the community of intelligent contract interest. Ethernet Enterprise Alliance (EnterpriseEthereumAliance) of the square, and some of the world’s largest companies and financial institutions to participate in, make the etheric Fang hype the intelligent contract like a raging fire, based on the agreement is also increasing rapidly.

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