Bitcoin contributed 0.3% growth to Japan’s GDP

nRunaway Comment: In the just past 2017, Japan took a series of positive steps toward Bitcoin, not only recognizing its legal status, but also gradually deploying the relevant regulatory framework. This situation has made Japan one of the most important participants in the global bitcoin exchange market and Nomura Securities recently analyzed that holding bitcoin helps Japan’s GDP increase by 0.3%, which has some positive impact on Japan’s economic development .n
nTranslation: Inan
Two analysts at Japan’s financial giant Nomura Securities found that Bitcoin contributed 0.3% of Japan’s GDP growth.n
According to Business Insider, analysts like Miyamoto and Miyamoto, Shuzenji, praised the positive impact that more Japanese hold bitcoin on consumer spending.n
This optimism comes from Japan’s bitcoin breakthrough this year, which currently holds the leading position in the “bitcoin-law currency” exchange and Japan is also deploying regulatory frameworks to further integrate bitcoin into its economy.n
In addition to the gradual solidity of its legal status, bitcoin prices have also risen sharply, so Nomura believes holding bitcoin can have a “measurable impact” on Japan’s GDP.n
They commented on the growth of Bitcoin:n
n”The massive growth of such assets can not be ignored.”n
nThis sentiment contrasts sharply with the “doomsday” rhetoric that flooded the bitcoin coverage of mainstream American media this week. Sean Boyd, independent investor Dennis Gartman and chief executive of the gold-mining company Agnico-Eagle Mines, recently told CNBC that investors will seek to return to the gold market once the inherent volatility of Bitcoin is too great.n
In addition, Gartman predicts that the price of BTC will fall sharply below $ 5,000, but he is not sure when this will happen.n
In addition, the Central Banks in Poland and Denmark have recently issued severe warnings to consumers that they should not invest in cryptocurrencies.n

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