Bitcoin Core roadmap revealed bitcoin signature optimization plan

Bitcoin Core roadmap revealed bitcoin signature optimization plan

BitcoinCore developers released a new technology roadmap to yesterday, the roadmap describes the current digital signature algorithm to a more advanced algorithm over the plan.

If the plan is implemented, then the Schnorr signature algorithm will replace the current bitcoin exchange using ECDSA (elliptic curve digital signature algorithm) signature algorithm. Through the implementation of the new algorithm, the developer said it can reduce the total data bitcoin block chain network 25%.

For users, this means that the node will store network transaction history can also get more bandwidth to less storage capacity can ensure the whole block chain safety.

The roadmap described:

“If every historical signature size can be reduced to 1 bytes, the analysis of the forecast, at least can reduce the storage and bandwidth requirements 25%.”

For the open source project development team, to improve the signature on the roadmap is to cash in Milan last October bitcoin expansion meeting commitments.

BitcoinCore developer PieterWuille to the high change evaluation, hope it will attract a wider community to help a deal with the difficulties in.

In order to implement the Schnorr signature algorithm, bitcoin need to make changes to the OP_CHECKSIG and OP_CHECKMULTISIG functions, so that it can be stacked public key.

Now, the current bitcoin blockchain size has reached 100G.

But if

However, this idea is not without potential difficulties.

According to Wuille, the Schnorr signature is facing a “delete” problem, the problem of potential for hostile participants to delete a key in the signature to a transaction and wallet may be provided.

In addition, according to the BitcoinCore developer GregMaxwell, the integration of the Schnorr signature algorithm does not require the activation of isolated witness (SegWit).

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