Bitcoin could reach $500000, while ripobi plummeted

Official account: just a week after capitalwatch broke the $20000 mark for the first time, bitcoin, the world’s number one digital currency, soared to more than $28000 over the weekend. Catherine wood, chief executive and founder of ark investment, told Barron weekly that bitcoin prices could continue to climb if more institutional investors increased their holdings of bitcoin. Mr Wood said bitcoin could rise to “between $400000 and $500000” if institutional investors increased their holdings. Tim Draper, an early investor in Skype and twitter, said in a post that bitcoin prices would be 10 times higher than they are now by 2022 or 2023. Not all cryptocurrencies are enjoying a bull market. XRP fell more than 30% after coinbase announced that it would suspend trading of crypto token XRP on January 19, 2021 (1 p.m. EST on Tuesday). Coinbase said that from now on, it has been announced that trading in the Swiss currency “will enter a restricted period.”. The announcement came shortly after the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) began legal action against ripple labs. Last week, the regulator said it had filed a lawsuit against ripple and two of its executives, accusing it of raising more than $1.3 billion through unregistered, ongoing digital asset securities offerings. Since then, the price of the rupiah has fallen by more than 50%. The price of bitcoin was not affected by the incident. Bitcoin traded at $26888 on Tuesday afternoon.

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