Bitcoin crazy rise who touch who lose, the real opportunity is here?

Hello everyone, I’m Kun Hong. Through my understanding of bitcoin these days, bitcoin is totally crazy! In the past 10 years, it has achieved a 1300 trillion times increase. Now, it can only be described as ridiculous. A bitcoin is equal to 220000 RMB. It is ridiculous! However, even if he is rising sharply, I still don’t recommend ordinary people to participate in this speculative carnival, absolutely not, because it is very simple, virtual currency is completely beyond your ability. Of course, some people will not accept bitcoin. It’s not bad that we don’t participate in bitcoin carnival. Can we only watch the whole process of bitcoin carnival? Of course not. I tell you, the play is in the back! This realization of the acceleration of bitcoin is only a precursor to the impending rise of global financial assets. My attitude is very obvious. Find the key point. Don’t be blinded by the dishes before the dinner starts. Why? Because bitcoin now logically has replaced part of the function of gold, playing an important role in measuring liquidity and reflecting currency trends in global financial markets. If the liquidity expectation is strong, it will be strong, and if the liquidity is weak, it will be weak. So don’t look at the rise of bitcoin, and then the global stock market will probably speed up! The increase is because the market’s expectation of 2021 global asset bubble is increasing, so we will take the lead in pushing up the price of bitcoin, the vanguard of the financial market, and then wait for the arrival of the financial market forces. That’s why I said that the good play will come later, and return to the scope of ability to enjoy the dividend of core assets steadfastly. Is it a bet that our economic fundamentals are not comparable More stable happiness of digital currency? #Bitcoin market analysis#

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