Bitcoin creation block 8th anniversary! Experts say bitcoin

Bitcoin creation block 8th anniversary! Experts say bitcoin
? With bitcoin market kicked off the new year history of high gate, is expected to become the 2017 bitcoin exciting year. Beijing time on January 4, 2009 at 2:15 in the morning, the bitcoin block was born, it has been a full eight years.

In the first week of the new year, we will see all industry leaders and stakeholders are how to say for the development of bitcoin and block chain in the future.

Bitcoin, bitcoin investor RogerVer Jesus

“Bitcoin 2017 will probably be the best year in history. We have witnessed bitcoin market capitalization reached a record high, while the price of bitcoin may also record the upcoming. “Bitcoin, a trend which cannot be halted. Obviously, the national currency is us and separation. With the former Barclays Bank CEO into the board of directors of, I think the traditional bank will be deeply involved in bitcoin development in 2017.”

BitcoinCore developer and co-founder of Ciphrex EricLombrozo

2017 will see the modular and hierarchical network architecture further. In the privacy of encryption, without trust enhanced (or minimize trust) protocol practical demonstration and economically feasible real-time micro transactions and other aspects for improvement of chain block chain network mechanism to promote social friction less, we will get the breakthrough.”


“I think one of the most amazing things blockchain regulators have in the study area is public and private use in case of chain chain. I think the chain for the public, regulators will continue to adhere to their “wait and see”, will focus on the exchange of financial management, but they will also block the slight contact chain technology.” commercial developer AlejandroDeLaTorre

“If one waste motion like India and Venezuela continues, I think people will see bitcoin skyrocketing interest. In addition, another trend I see is bitcoin security. Many users are aware of the bitcoin on the exchange is not safe, they are switching to the higher security or the use of cold storage wallet.

The president and CEOStephenPair of BitPay

“I think we will see people refocus bitcoin blockchain. We will see some new bitcoin blockchain applications, these applications can do some simple but very powerful. People will sit up and take notice of bitcoin.”

Breadwallet co-founder and CEOAaronVoisine

“I predict 2017 will see bitcoin is a lot of money managers and financial advisers acknowledged as a legitimate” unrelated assets”. Of course, all the sound financial adviser would recommend a diversified portfolio of assets. However, if the value of these assets are in the same direction, so that no diversification is too much for you. In order to achieve diversification, you need to have some value rising asset when some of the decline in the value of assets. Bitcoin is a perfect example: the currency in fear and turbulent economic times has shown a rising trend of value, I think a lot of money managers have started bitcoin added to their portfolio.”

Decentral and Jaxx founder and CEOAnthonyDiIorio

“I think 2017 will be the emergence of a new leadership project, provide improved bitcoin and Ethernet infrastructure workshop. I am concerned about the two projects, one is Argentina Rootstock, the other is a chain of quantum China (Qtum). At the same time, I think the prospect of Monroe coins, Zcash and up to the world currency is also very optimistic.”

Bitsquare developer and founder of ManfredKarrer

“I predict three things: first, the crypto currency exchange regulation will come. Second, cash, gold and currency war will intensify encryption. Third, like Monroe Zcash coins and the importance of improving privacy technology will improve.”

The founder of BitNation SusanneTarkowskiTempelhof

“I found a smart contract has been applied to the field of dispute resolution, which is really exciting, because the smart contracts have hope will some of the most important part of the society to the center: governance, legal and security. According to a report by Pew Research Center said, in that only 3% of Americans think their elected officials the era of trust, smart contracts arrived just in time. Some intelligent contract projects have emerged, including DAMN, DecentralizedCourt, Crowdjury, BitNation and Pangea platform.”


“I think that the Vc firm will find the encryption currency or the so-called” APPcoins “value, and will begin a large-scale investment in this field. Secondly, such as Lisk and Ethernet square project will be ready to help the developers to enter the block chain development, it will become a “trend”, as iOS development has become a trend and a huge industry. Finally, the user experience will become a more and more important block chain project focus. Project leader will be aware of the elegant user experience is a necessary factor to obtain the mainstream.

BitcoinKnowledgePodcast host TraceMayer

“Network effect bitcoin will further improve in 2017. I believe that the implementation of one trend is the isolation of witness, creating the foundation for millions of users daily. At the same time, many existing and new use cases and finance will also be with the bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) to appear, I think ETF will pave the way for large-scale investment bitcoin.

Augur co-founder JoeyKrug

“I think the biggest trends of 2017 is the first wave to the center of the square will be on-line application of ethernet. Bitcoin let us in a non trusted environment to send money, and let us use these money Fang Ethernet without trust environment to do some things, such as sending to programmatically control what transactions, this Bibite coins more delicate script. This is a big thing, because it means that we are beginning to see some interesting and practical application of the blockchain consumers finally.”

“Block chain revolution” co-author AlexTapscott

First of all, 2017 large banks will real-time testing of digital currency, if it works well, it will lead to greater use of. In addition, large banks will start a large number of OTC will be real-time settlement transaction to distributed private account. Today, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank and the Bank of Santander is leading the trend. The size of each industry enterprises will begin to develop a block chain strategy, launched the implementation of the project and hired IT elite. I said these companies including insurers, medical service providers, music studios, defense contractors and so on. Finally, bitcoin will hit $2000!

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