Bitcoin currency Ethernet mortified up crazy!

Bitcoin currency Ethernet mortified up crazy!

Although bitcoin recently continued to rise (today plummeted, but whole growth), but its competitors did not lag behind, in the etheric currency as an example, its price has risen more than 50 times as much.

Data encryption currency site provided by Coinmarketcap, Ethernet currency prices climbed to Monday, a record high of $407.10, $7.98 compared to the beginning of this year rose more than 50 times.

In the eyes of many people, the etheric coins are regarded as “bitcoin version 2”, using the block chain technology different from bitcoin “ether Fang” (Ethereum). Unlike bitcoin is that enterprises pay more attention to how the etheric Fang technology used in real world applications.

In the industry, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Intel and other giants are optimistic about Fang Ethernet technology, and in March this year, set up a “enterprise Ethernet Square Alliance” (EnterpriseEthereumAlliance, EEA), has recently joined the Union in 86 companies.

Analysts believe that the etheric currency price at present is still not reached the peak, before the end of the year is expected to rise to $600.

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