Bitcoin developers do not worry about the bifurcation

Bitcoin developers do not worry about the bifurcation

In a bitcoin expansion of more than two years of debate, is now one of the most turbulent period, you may not use the two words of calm and poised to describe bitcoin developer.

After all, there are a considerable number of miners are running a popular and controversial alternative bitcoin software BitcoinUnlimited, and the potential bifurcation about bitcoin network has launched a new round of “discussion” (may cause two kinds of competitive currency). How much is the bitcoin community of fanaticism and the possibility of this bifurcation response, some traders to liquidate positions, while other traders are worried that the old chain attack in the post bifurcation.

However, not all people think it will happen bifurcation.

For example, BitcoinCore contributor EricLombrozo hold a cautious view with suspicion, he believes bitcoin community has already experienced all of this.

Want to rule behind this view of the past few years and other controversial alternative software based on BitcoinClassic and BitcoinXT, and tries to bitcoin transfer to a new set of rules, but now it has been confirmed that this idea is not feasible.

Although supporters of the BitcoinUnlimited as the future of bitcoin, and advocate after bifurcation which will serve as the commonly used software, but critics believe this is destructive, because they think it is just rely on the two latest bug temporarily eliminated some nodes to support.

Other people including Lombrozo think it is of the past derived alternative software a deformation, and these alternative software does not have any impact on the bitcoin network main rules.

Lombrozo told CoinDesk: “in the past two years on the bifurcation into two hostile camps have made many attempts, but each time is almost the same scenario.”

Keep calm and move on? Bitcoin developers do not worry about the bifurcation


But he believes that this bifurcation compared with the previous “really” not what is different, he added:

“You want a group of stakeholders by lobbying to change bitcoin, defects of this idea is fundamental, or you want to force the controversial consensus rule change, is also true. The development direction of bitcoin need to consider more comprehensive strategy.”

While the other side of the debate, the chief scientist PeterRizun BitcoinUnlimited’s view is completely different in some ways. He believes that the block capacity parameters of bitcoin will increase, which makes bitcoin again with increasing copycat crypto currency competition.

He said, “I think, in 2017 75% the opportunity to upgrade to a larger capacity block.”

However, Rizun and Lombrozo agree, two people do not think that a bifurcation:

“I think all the concerns about the split block chain is completely no one wants exaggeration, bifurcation, bifurcation will not occur.”

“Copycat coins” threat

Other developers are holding different attitudes.

Anonymous contributor BitcoinCore BTCDrak told CoinDesk: “I think there is a big chance there will be a BitcoinUnlimited bifurcation.”

Some developers have been ready to take measures to protect the SPV wallet can write code, but the code in detecting whether to provide false information than the complete node so smart.

At this point, perhaps because the expected recent bifurcation has been very high, both sides said they were, they want as soon as possible to end the debate over the bifurcation.

But in fact, BitcoinUnlimited seems to have some supporters eager to see changes.

Keep calm and move on? Bitcoin developers do not worry about the bifurcation

BitcoinUnlimited President AndrewClifford said:

“I certainly don’t want to be defined by a specific date to accomplish all of this. Now is the beginning of 2017, but if not at the end of 2017, it will cause long-term damage, it will be unable to recover.”

Clifford mentioned from other copycat crypto currency threats, such as currency or Monroe etheric coins, if developers don’t hurry to increase block size parameters so that he will surpass the currency bitcoin copycat in momentum.

Vested interest

So, although some people think that only after a bifurcation of bitcoins will continue to exist, but other people think that, because there is so much controversy on this issue, most people will not switch to the new chain, and BitcoinUnlimited will create another encrypted currency.

BitcoinCore contributor LukeDashjr said: “as the name implies, the community itself is hard branch decided to use as a substitute for copycat coins.

Keep calm and move on? Bitcoin developers do not worry about the bifurcation


He said that:

“Since most community refused to BitcoinUnlimited, so it could not be a kind of hard branch.”

However, most of the people in the community eventually just want a bitcoin. But it is very difficult to let everyone recognize one of the parties.

Even if these new rules seems to be very little change, not everyone will agree to the idea of a new crypto currency with new rules, this is the past two years have been tangled. As a result, people worry that it will lead to a division.

According to Lombrozo, it is until today has not appeared the bifurcation of the reason, he believes that the reason for this is a bifurcation will happen.

In a word, he thought:

“Anyone can bifurcate at any time, but if there was not a strong stimulus, I am afraid people will not respond to.”

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