Bitcoin digital currency continued to fall, the collective was Bloodbath

Bitcoin digital currency continued to fall, the collective was Bloodbath

As of June 27, 2017 11, according to the bitcoin trading network btctrade display market, the current bitcoin price 18872 yuan. Yesterday morning the currency price volatility is small, the overall display of weak shocks, to 12 noon trading hours, to begin air force down the currency price, leading to an intraday low of 17836 hit, then pulled up.

Bitcoin trading network market

At 4 hours, to break to maintain a number of trading days in the sideways pattern, the previous short-term support line 19000 into resistance. At the same time, the level of MACD index has to wear under the zero axis, and the average system (5,10,20) significantly short pattern arrangement, the level of currency prices are still bearish.

At 1 hours, after falling sharply, the price level of currency is being staged rally. In volume, the chart level fell peatlands, the rebound shrinkage phenomenon, the currency prices don’t cautiously bearish.

Follow the trend of rebound shrinkage rebound, show people less, most investors choose a wait-and-see attitude, shortly after the adjustment is expected to strengthen.

In addition, most of the foreign currency exchange on the mainstream price has fallen below 17000 yuan, bearish signal more strongly, it will drag the currency prices rebound strength. Therefore, the proposed short-term investors do not easily copied, while long-term investors face a major adjustment, should be appropriate to lighten up, to maintain profits.

In addition to bitcoin, almost all digital currencies have a downward trend.

Previously, on Sunday at 4:30 in the morning (Greenwich time second), 34 before the market value of encryption currency all fell, as previously experienced a life and death battle.

In the first 100 encryption of money, only 12 survived, to maintain a certain profit.

In the list of the top ten encryption currency, bitcoin serious blood loss, a decrease of 6.17%, the price fell to $2579.65. The position is still $350 coins (square behind the etheric etheric encryption currency), suddenly fell to $319.

These encrypted currency market giant completely subject to the downward trend, the market is shrouded in a shadow. Although the crash did not like last fall so hard, but there are signs of a strong show or something bad is going to happen.

The top ten list, the new IOTA fell very hard, or up to 12.11%. The application of Stratis chain block tokens followed, a drop of 12.5 percentage points. The smallest decline to the number of isolated witness pioneer Wright currency, but also the Wright currency has fallen below 300 yuan, remained at around 293 yuan.

January spate of 3 bubbles is frustrating. This decline may be a digital currency massacre? We have to wait and see.

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