Bitcoin enthusiasts from 1000 knives began to buy bitcoin why I never complain?

Nearing the end of 2018. From the price point of view, this year is no doubt a bear; and from the development point of view, this is definitely the most rapidly growing bitcoin year.

Bitcoin forum users have started drying out their story with bitcoin, why can share their bitcoin, introduces the basic concepts of bitcoin and bitcoin necessity.

The story: “I began to buy bitcoins from $1000”

I started to buy bitcoins from a few years ago, has never sold any currency. Those who advise when you sell $19 thousand bitcoin people obviously think bitcoin bitcoin is overpriced, whether 10 thousand or 100 thousand knife knife, they will advise you to sell coins. But the fact is that bitcoin can reach 1.9 million dollars, then 3 million, 4 million knife knife…… Is not a problem.

When I first bought a bitcoin is in a frenzy, when the currency price exceeded $1000, followed immediately below $200. But I was already attracted to bitcoin, every month to buy bitcoin fixed $1000. I have witnessed the $200, $300, $500 in each period of bitcoin, but also suffer years of zero return pressure.

You ask what I think now?

I still insist on buying $2000 a month bitcoin. The next 5 years I did not intend to sell. I really believe bitcoin, I think this is the best way for the long term, the value of assets. Maybe someone will tell you no reliable bitcoin stock, but they forget the stock market also broke up. Last month, NVIDIA shares fell nearly 50%.

Bitcoin is a parallel financial system. I am a free occupation, I accept bitcoin payments, because this way is more convenient and the cost is lower than PayPal.

Bitcoin destined for success. Other encryption currency will continue to exist after 10 years is unknown, but bitcoin will be in. Other encryption currency success even need to rely on bitcoin, because it is the “gold standard currency circle”.

Finally I want to say that the exchange show price may be misleading, may be manipulated, one owner can transfer a wallet with two of their own, it will be counted as trading volume. Therefore, I do not care about short-term price. I think the real price of bitcoin should be the average price for a year.

As for those keen to diss bitcoins are likely to have the following three kinds of mentality:

1. and they envy those rich people because bitcoin.

2. see now the price they can comfort yourself fortunately didn’t buy bitcoin.

3. shares fell aftermath. Many people criticized bitcoin investment in technology stocks or general electric this antique, these stocks are in decline, while diss bitcoin is a way to vent their emotions.

If you can do all of the FUD (worry, uncertainty, doubt) blind, then you should continue to invest in bitcoin.

Story 2: “why bitcoin is necessary?”

Bitcoin scarcity let people have the desire to hold. This leads to the increase in prices, thus attracting more and more people hold bitcoin. Bitcoin is only an even rising demand supply will not increase the assets, but also the only one kind of value can not be diluted assets. This is the story of hedge products, with the passage of time, the development of hedging products will silently.

This story is just beginning, only when the 10% people hold bitcoin, this story will end. Once 10% people hold bitcoin, so naturally it will become a medium of exchange.

Bitcoin scarcity exceeds all assets in history, transferability is stronger, the fact that, compared with other assets, bitcoin will make the currency more easily.

I think within the next 5 years, 10% of the population will be held bitcoin, bitcoin will begin to play a role in the global scope of the currency. 15 years for a new technology is sufficient to achieve universal coverage. In this Internet era, if bitcoin time needed is more than 15 years, it is abnormal.

The only way to prevent the spread of bitcoin is the world bank to return to the gold standard, because it will stifle bitcoins with respect to the application of legal tender value.

Story three: “one minute to explain why the fire bitcoin?”

Bitcoin is a digital currency, more specifically, it is a kind of encryption currency, based on cryptography algorithm. The output, transaction validation process relies on the encryption algorithm. The biggest advantage of bitcoin is that both parties do not need the intervention of the third party can also complete the transfer. This is a completely decentralized currency by a public account records transactions, there is fraud, your assets to be looted.

A minute with the advantages of bitcoin:

Free and instant transaction: bitcoin, can send and receive transactions whenever and wherever possible.

– lower fees: the current bitcoin payment fee is very low. The reason to add send the transaction costs are to be processed faster. The fee set higher, the faster the transaction confirmation time.

Information transparency: in the block chain, all transactions are open to the public, while the personal information is hidden. Your public address is visible; but not your personal information and address binding. Anyone can always verify the transaction chain block.

– eliminate fraud: encryption is a digital currency, can not be false, the transaction could not withdraw.

The possibility of zero – identity theft: encryption currency allows holders to businesses or send the recipient transactions, without the need for additional information.

Instant settlement: removal of bitcoin third party, thus eliminating the steps of complicated transaction audit, can achieve real-time settlement, the cost and time are a small part of the traditional asset transactions.

In 2018, this is perhaps the bitcoin history’s most memorable year. In this year, bitcoin prices fell, panic ensued. This allows us to understand that any valuable assets are up and down, the only technology is eternal. Although the price of bitcoin than at the end of last year fell sharply, but the overall trend is still rising; while around the progress of bitcoin around technology has not stopped.

In 2019, prices may be what we want to see, but it is not our only pursuit. In front of the critics, time will prove to them that the value of bitcoin. Hodl tight!

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