Bitcoin enthusiasts try to dig bitcoin using the old computer and retro game machine

Bitcoin enthusiasts try to dig bitcoin using the old computer and retro game machine

In the past few years, with the support of ASIC trading bitcoin mining machine for large $32 billion market, bitcoin mining has become a huge economy. In the early days, people can use the central processor (CPU) to mining bitcoin, still can, but this method is inefficient. However, some people still use the old computer and vintage equipment to bitcoin mining, but just for fun and for the purpose of the experiment.

The old computer and retro game.

Bitcoin mining industry is a competitive environment, and to protect the network security. These days, the miners running special software and using special integrated circuit (ASIC) chip is used to mining bitcoin, far more than the standard CPU high efficiency. At present, older computers can at a rate of mining bitcoin very long, but if a classical system can perform bitcoin mining tasks, it is still pretty cool.

A bitcoin enthusiasts have done several times with the old computer. KenShirriff is famous in the bitcoin community because of their commitment to bitcoin is added to the Unicode. Shirriff is a very popular blog, wrote that his project and how to use the past classical bitcoin mining equipment. Recently, Shirriff has been trying to make the 70s computer Xerox Alto to 1.5 / sec is used to hash on bitcoin mining. Xerox Alto is a famous computer classic, it is 1973 to support the graphical user interface (GUI) of the first device.

Shirriff explained: “I began to repair the Xerox Alto micro computer from the last century in 70s, I want to see if it can make bitcoin mining, and will bring me bitcoin.” For demonstration purposes, Shirriff uses a successful mining algorithm to check whether successful block.

He also said: “I use BCPL (with Artaud old programming language) write a hash algorithm necessary, found that although Alto can run, but relatively slow, it takes a long time to successfully tap into bitcoin. The speed of the computer is 1.5 blocks per second, than today the chip use is much slower. For demonstration purposes, Shirriff enter a successful mining algorithm to determine whether successful mining. The Shirriff code is for those who want to try the XeroxAlto GitHub mining can be used.

40000 times to a large old IBM in 60s is about to spend the universe to find a piece of the current age

Shirriff another project in 2015 is to use an IBM1401 mainframe for 55 years, is able to reach 80 hash / sec. This computer is a computer’s best-selling mid 1960s, mainly for commercial purposes.

“Although the modern hardware can be calculated per second billions of hash, but 1401 takes 80 seconds to calculate a single hash value,” a detailed description of Shirriff. “This shows that the performance of computer has been fully improved in the past few decades.”

1985 Nintendo entertainment system bitcoin mining

Finally, a simple project is to try another incredible. It uses the Nintendo Playstation in 1985 (NES) of bitcoin mining. The founder of NES machine to take it as a challenge, and established a network communication and Nintendo mining machine SHA256 hash calculation.

SHA256 uses 32 bit hash operation, the new 6502 is a 8 bit CPU, the creator of “retro miner said,” at first I thought it would be a major challenge, but there are some changes, I compiled the 6502 goal is an open source compiler implementation using cc65.”

Finally, NES miners began to work, and start looking for the Slush pool area, but the founders said need to have enough space for construction improvement. “What I do now is very slow, I admit, is very poor,” the ancient miners blog wrote. In addition, other gaming platforms like Playstation3, bitcoin companies have also done a lot of discussion.

ASIC manufacturers do not have to worry about retro miners

Obviously, these types of projects than ASIC will not be used extensively because of the need to use a retro equipment to find a block, need a lot of time. However, even if an old computer or game machine is relatively slow, but to see these devices with the bitcoin network compatibility is very interesting.

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