Bitcoin ETF will be listed in the United States successfully approved it

Bitcoin ETF will be listed in the United States successfully approved it

Runaway commentary Effect: bitcoin ETF market will be great, so it has been a lot of attention, investors can expect is approved, but the SEC’s attitude seems, within a short period of time is unlikely to be approved. After all, this encryption currency in global acceptance is not high. Of course there are Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Italy has begun to accept publicly traded currencies encryption. While Europe is mainly bitcoin exchange traded notes, the ETF and the different types of risk trading products. But with the scale of encryption currency rise, this is probably only a matter of time.

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Most bitcoin enthusiasts for its doubts, the United States or other countries will government regulatory bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

Despite the great attention of bitcoin and other encryption currency has access to global investors, government departments, banks and many other institutions did not accept this digital currency.

XBT Provider, director of investor relations Ryan Radloff said, this is the actual standoff between banks and regulators, banks will only accept money after regulators in encryption. Although it is in most countries, a few countries such as Sweden is an exception, these countries have been encrypted currency in the Nasdaq Stock Exchange publicly traded.

The status of bitcoin

The classification and status of American regulators bitcoin has not been determined, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not yet how to evaluate the bitcoin classification problem, does not seem to have results soon.

SEC has refused to provide two bitcoin ETF institutions to potential investors, it seems to encounter obstacles in law.

Radloff said that after the two SEC solution for bitcoin seems to be in the short term will not be recognized, but if SEC believes that this encryption monetary advantage, or there may be a breakthrough.

Other countries bitcoin

Although the United States bitcoin’s attitude is very strict, other countries seem to be more open. For example, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan and Italy are openly traded bitcoin, and the corresponding supervision. Radloff also said that more countries will accept the future encryption currency.

It is important that Europe has bitcoin exchange traded products, but they are not ETF, but the exchange traded notes (ETN), similar to ETF, but different types of risk. However, Radloff said, European investors and regulators are more accustomed to ETN.

COINXBE and COINXBT ETN in Nasdaq Nordic listed transactions. Another type of ETN bitcoin products recently from Gibraltar Stock Exchange (Gibraltar Stock Exchange) delisting.

Behind one board of the managing director of Nick Cowan is expected to soon be listed outside the two similar bitcoin products, and many other encryption products based on a basket of currencies.

To persuade the United States

Although the market is relatively new, has received great attention from investors. However, the only problem is that government regulation and licensing. University of Cambridge Center for Financial Research (Center offbeat for Alternative Finance) said the 46% exchanges are not regulated by the government. It is said that the other 54% did not get the license.

Although it is difficult to convince us regulators to accept bitcoin, but is still possible, because they were looking for transparency and stability. The reason there is no approval, because it involves a lot of money, so the risk is very high.

Although it is not the next countries accept encrypted currency, but it is only a matter of time. When the United States saw a large number of countries do, is also likely to join in.

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