Bitcoin ETF won 72% of the popular support for the U.S. government or the hope that it can pass

Bitcoin ETF won 72% of the popular support for the U.S. government or the hope that it can pass

Recently, according to foreign media statistics, in the current survey of the public, more than 72% of the respondents choose to support bitcoin ETF to be able to get through.

The distance from the Winklevoss brothers of the world’s first bitcoin ETF can be passed in 2 days. In March 11th, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the Winklevoss brothers bitcoin ETF made a final ruling. The current global bitcoin bitcoin users hope to through the ETF, and ETF will hope bitcoin bitcoin prices to new heights.

Foreign media said, the important factors include Winkelvoss brothers decided to bitcoin ETF can be approved, presided over this matter outside lawyers, independent consultant and public advice and insights.

Relevant organizations and officials meeting

As early as February 14th of this year, with the approval of the Winklevoss brothers bitcoin ETF organization and the relevant officials held a meeting to discuss the first bitcoin ETF through or not, how the market will reflect the problem. Relevant organizations and officials need to make proper preparations for possible problems and development advantages.

Independent consultant and public suggestions

In February 14th, KCG holdings and Susquehanna international external consultants invited to submit proposals on the investigation of the first bitcoin ETF to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, proposals to investigate objectively and accurately.

This proposal will form an important part of the approval process, it will be on whether the SEC approves the bitcoin ETF influence was established.

In addition to KCG holdings and Susquehanna consulting international insight, SEC is open for public consultation and evaluation. SEC to build a consensus among members of the public, to make contributions to the bitcoin ETF review process.

So far the public.

So far, about 72% of the public favor bitcoin can be established ETF. The other 28% opponents mentioned some problems bitcoin network processing, such as network congestion and expansion of the dispute. But professionals believe that these problems may not affect the SEC bitcoin ETF decision.

The opposition:

ETF proposed a big argument against opponents also worry about bitcoin expansion issues will have an impact on the future of the industry. They think that bitcoin potential hard bifurcation, and the effect of the healthy development of some fission chain will bitcoin. Because of the bifurcation out bitcoin split chain may develop into a relatively independent and very similar industry. Therefore ETF opponents believe that now is not the time to carry out the public official and the establishment of bitcoin, bitcoin ETF will undoubtedly promote bitcoin more generally to the public.


A lawyer and professor of law at PhilipC.Chronakis is one of the typical representative of many bitcoin supporters of ETF, he believes bitcoin ETF passed will give SEC a unique regulatory status, it will have the right to supervise and guide the development of bitcoin industry. At the same time, bitcoin ETF will also be for the United States made bitcoin development at the forefront of dominance.

Chronakis said:

“Refuse bitcoin ETF approved and will not stop the development of bitcoin, but bitcoin ETF is approved by establishing basic guidelines for the industry. This will make the SEC ideal position under supervision bitcoin development, but also laid the legal status of bitcoin as investment assets. Bitcoin ETF through the benefit is not only a few individual master bitcoin, but the vast majority of investment opportunities to every american. Every American has the right to benefit from the financial aspects of the bitcoin development and progress.”

Foreign media said that the U.S. government will probably be the most likely hope bitcoin ETF is approved by one party, because through bitcoin ETF can maintain a more regular bitcoin market, and the government can through bitcoin ETF to carry out supervision.

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