Bitcoin, etheric Fang low volume, but the price has been warmer

Bitcoin, etheric Fang low volume, but the price has been warmer

By the end of June 29, 2017. According to the bitcoin trading network btctrade platform shows bitcoin current price of 18020 yuan, 2224 Yuan Fang ethernet. After nearly 3 trading yesterday after the fall, prices have been a rebound in the currency channel since the opening, the highest point in the day hit 18349 line.

Bitcoin trading network market

As yesterday’s analysis, due to the rebound when the shrinking turnover, energy to do more, it will suppress multi rebound. As of press time, can not be effectively amplified. In addition, although the currency price short-term rebound, but the medium-term adjustment pattern continues, the position is still the primary task of control risk control.

Look at the 4 hour chart, MACD indicators in vulnerable areas appear random MACD, index and strength index to the overbought zone stretching, currency prices have rushed to the cloth belt rail, but the volume extreme atrophy, shows that the level of currency price up space is limited, careful look.

The etheric Fang (ETH) for 24 hours by a respectable 16.38%, its price is more than $300 in back position.

Today, the trend of rising slightly eased two days before the market condition. In mid June, the currency market encryption and rushed to the $117 billion, while the lowest point in this Tuesday, this figure fell to $88 billion. In just two weeks, $29 billion would be a bloodbath.

This Monday, the crypto currency market bleak, there are 92 red head before 100 years, the most devastating loss than IOTA IOT and Ethernet token square.

The Tuesday market is also no signs of improvement to the etheric, Fang decline reached 20% full, prices have fallen below the lowest point in around $227.14. The etheric Fang founder VitalikButerin died in a car accident rumors did not produce any effect.

This began in late Sunday, the economic downturn proves to be needed in the market in recent months after a sharp increase. Slow and help. It did not, and will never become a sprint. After all, this is the summer vacation. Each had a hand helped cryptocurrencies from mid April to mid June $28 billion sprint $117 billion in this summer as investors are likely to gain positions.

CCN P.H.Madore said on Monday the market is sluggish trend: “really happen today, some new investors and bulls got discounted encryption currency”. For others, the past few days is a kind of stick to exercise.

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