Bitcoin even reached a new high of US $52000, and BlackRock, the world’s largest asset management company, entered

Source: Sina Finance Bitstamp data showed that bitcoin stood at a record high of $52000 again, rising more than $3000 or more than 6% in the day as a whole, and it is still strongly maintained near $52000. Bitcoin broke through the $50000 threshold, indicating that the digital currency has gradually won the recognition of mainstream investors and investment companies. Black rock, the world’s largest asset manager, is entering bitcoin investment, confirmed on Wednesday by Rick Rieder, head of fixed income at BlackRock. “We’ve started to dabble in bitcoin,” he said. My feeling is that technology has evolved and regulations have developed to the extent that many people think it should be part of the portfolio. ” A few months ago, both Rieder and Larry Fink, BlackRock’s chief executive, expressed interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. According to previous reports, on January 21, at least two BlackRock’s fund companies were focusing on the cryptocurrency field, and the company had approved at least two funds to invest in bitcoin futures products. People who believe in cryptocurrency believe that the digital asset is attracting more mainstream attention, especially after Tesla recently bought bitcoin for $1.5 billion. MicroStrategy Inc. said on Tuesday it would sell $600 million in convertible bonds and use the proceeds to buy more bitcoin. Some market participants believe that the demand of institutional investors and enterprises is expected to expand, thus driving bitcoin to rise further. Anthony scaramucci of skybridge capital even said it would see bitcoin prices reach $100000 by the end of the year. But bitcoin’s rise, according to bitcoin’s detractors, symbolizes a speculative bubble in the environment’s stimulating financial markets. In its latest report, JP Morgan pointed out that unless the price fluctuation of cryptocurrency rapidly cools down, it is unsustainable to continuously push the price of bitcoin above $50000. Analysts also stressed that the current speculative capital flow is more affected.

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