Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced its withdrawal from the U.S. state of Washington

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex announced its withdrawal from the U.S. state of Washington

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suddenly announced its withdrawal from the U.S. state of washington. According to the exchange claims, because Washington regulators did not permit Bitfinex to transfer business in the state to carry out the money, had to withdraw from the state.

Earlier Bitfinex just attacked by DDoS, while at the same time bitcoin prices and trading activities are frequent. In addition, once in August 2, 2016, Hongkong bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suffered hacker attacks, hackers stole nearly 120 thousand bitcoin. Today, hackers have begun to shift their booty in the bitcoin network”.

From the notice bitcoin exchange Bitfinex

According to a Washington resident copy to Reddit on a Bitfinex from bitcoin exchange notice, the exchange said they want to continue to provide services to users in the state must obtain the state’s money transfer license.

The notice of translation:

Washington state restrictions

In the past few months, our company has been in the business of Bitfinex and the Washington State Department of financial institutions (DFI) representatives are discussed, especially for Washington user service. DFI said that if we are unable to obtain the state’s money transfer license, so it may not be able to provide a platform for services to Washington State residents.

So far, we are still unable to obtain this license, so we will no longer be of service providing proven Washington customers, and this decision takes effect immediately.

At present, the user can withdraw money in Washington and the transfer of assets from the Bitfinex website in March 1, 2017.

Account & service change

Washington residents will not be allowed to conduct business in Bitfinex, effective immediately. We have updated the terms of service. Washington will continue to use the Bitfinex client violates our terms of service.

For because of this incident led to the inconvenience, we are deeply sorry!

The Bitfinex management team

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