Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suspended recharge frequent problems caused investors to worry

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suspended recharge frequent problems caused investors to worry

Bitfinex, one of the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, the latest announcement, caused people to “Mentougou” (MtGox) tragedy worry.

– bitcoin exchange Bitfinex in recent weeks to us the largest trading volume

The person in charge of Bitfinex was revealed today, the platform will no longer accept bitcoin transfer recharge from tomorrow in the last week, the Bitfinex platform also appeared $withdrawal latency.

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex person in charge said in a statement today:

“From the beginning of April 18th, all filled to Bitfinex wire funds will be the Bank of Taiwan refused, this applies to all the legal tender.”

– bitcoin exchange Bitfinex for banks not to accept the transfer offer any details

Bitfinex transfer dispute began earlier this month, Bitfinex finally decided to sue the verdict, but a week after the withdrawal of the lawsuit. Bitfinex said that the exchange is to find solutions to deal with the banks in the current focus of the work, market watchers are very concerned about this issue.

JacobEliosoff encryption, monetary fund manager, he said:

“Bitfinex bitcoin exchange event is full of variables, many of us still remember” Mentougou “(MtGox) of those days was also first appeared in currency cash problems, investors can only put their money into bitcoin exchange, so that they can carry now. In other words, they buy bitcoin, will promote the exchange of currency price.”

Eliosoff also pointed out that some observers might think this is an arbitrage opportunity, they will put the coins sold at a low price and then buy back.

– bitcoin exchange spreads further enlarged

Because of these developments, the Bitfinex exchange with other platforms BTC spreads widening, even beyond the nearly $50.

At 18:55 UTC time, Bitfinex bitcoin price of about $1235, compared with Bitstamp and GDAX on the currency prices were $1185 and $1190.

The abnormal price can not help but recall the MtGox before the last day, when the exchange bitcoin exchange rate is significantly higher than its competitors, in the range of 10% – 26%.

Although analysts expressed their worries, but they are still optimistic about Bitfinex

Analysts believe that bitcoin exchange Bitfinex can recover, in this case last August, bitcoin exchange Bitfinex suffered a devastating blow, when the exchange has lost nearly $6500 in customer funds, then the exchange through the issuance of new tokens to avoid bankruptcy embarrassment, the system would later win the supporters, they think this is a creative way.

CharlesHayter CryptoCompare, founder and CEO of the company, he also provides a similar view, stressed that the Bitfinex has a “reliable” reputation,

“I hope they can timely and professionally deal with this problem,” he said.

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