Bitcoin exchange BitSo test between Canada and Mexico remittance services

Bitcoin exchange BitSo test between Canada and Mexico remittance services


Mexico and Canada have bitcoin exchange Bitso payment startups Paycase cooperation to create a new bilateral remittance across the channel.

Bitso received $2 million 500 thousand in financing in the last year of a new round of financing, said it has partnered with Paycase from the Canadian bank accounts to other bank accounts in Mexico to send money.

The company said today, in one case, first from the Bank of Canada to Paycase of fiat currency micro payment, and then use bitcoin sent to Bitso, the final use of legal tender in Moss brother bank account settlement. According to the startup argument, the entire process takes about 3 minutes to complete.

Bitso said CEOPabloGonzalez:

“We believe that bitcoin can borrow power to make financial services more competitive and create inclusive financial market in Moss brother.”

Although they did not disclose the specific on-line time of the service, the two companies developed a framework in North American economic downturn.

PaycaseCEOJosephWeinberg said:

“We believe that the payment channel for North American market stability will become more critical.”

Since the digital currency, one of the most widely used remittance is bitcoin technology, because of its characteristics and without borders more easily transmitted from one country or region to the rest of the way money. It is said that Bitso and Paycase in the past few years has been explored in the field.

However, as the compliance cost and bank resistance to digital currency, and in some cases of bitcoin remittance services based on the formation of obstacles. At the same time, some companies in the field has developed their platform under difficult regulatory environment.

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