Bitcoin exchange BTC-e:FBI to control our wallets

Bitcoin exchange BTC-e:FBI to control our wallets

Runaway commentary BTC-e FBI said: encryption currency exchange control wallet where the domain name, enter the data center, cause service interruptions. After the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on the exchange made in violation of regulations on money laundering charges. Now it seems that the exchange reopened for business opportunity is big, therefore the Exchange decided if it is impossible to open the service at the end of August, from September 1st began to return customer funds.

Translation: Annie_Xu

Troubled encryption currency exchange BTC-e said because “FBI agents into the data center is to stop trading”.

In the BitcoinTalk Monday article, has been closed for nearly a week BTC-e said, six days have been seeking hosting solutions.

This paper also said last week due to money laundering charges in Greece arrested Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik “has never been responsible for this service.

“Future updates include various methods of service recovery and how to regain control of our reserves”, where the domain name FBI control wallet.

“If we can not re open the service at the end of August, from the beginning of September 1st the return of funds”.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities and Exchange Commission) announced last week that BTC-e ignored the anti money laundering regulations, will be fined $110 million.

After the message on twitter that normal service will be resumed in August 6th, but now it seems unlikely.

“The next one to two weeks, we will evaluate and publish FBI grasp the amount of funds and to return the money”.

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