Bitcoin exchange cash robbery

Bitcoin exchange cash robbery


According to reports, in this week’s $28 thousand bitcoin trading, a Florida man was robbed.

According to the Florida news agency is located in Palm Beach, “Sun Herald” reported that a 34 year old Lake Worth residents plan of cash and digital currency in West Palm Beach and two traders exchange transaction.

It is said that Manos told the local government, he had already had two residents and the other bitcoin transactions. However, in July 26th, Manos paid $28 thousand (as of press time value about 40 bitcoin) in cash, two sellers of one of them took out a knife. In the ensuing struggle, one of the robbers tried to steal the Manos gun, the two robbers absconding.

After Manos to Palm Beach sheriff’s office provided him for initiating a contract for the sale of the phone, the sheriff’s office arrested 34 year old AndreAllen Manos, then that recognized Allen in police queue.

Allen was arrested, and has a $31 thousand bond, the local arrest records show that he was released in July 27th.

Palm Beach sheriff’s office did not immediately respond.

The attack of the real world

In the state of Florida has witnessed a series of bitcoin related robbery case, this is the latest.

In 2014, a Tampa Florida bitcoin mine was a former employee theft, in that event, there are currently about $35 thousand worth of bitcoins stolen, and as much as $150 thousand in mining equipment.

However, Florida is not only had a face to face the bitcoin Trading Crime, for example, last summer, a New York man at gunpoint was robbed of $1000 bitcoin.

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