Bitcoin exchange Coinbase user requests the federal court to prevent IRS bitcoin.

Bitcoin exchange Coinbase user requests the federal court to prevent IRS bitcoin.

A bitcoin exchange Coinbase customers, has submitted a proposal to the federal court in San Francisco, tried to stop the IRS (IRS) to obtain the bitcoin user’s transaction records.

According to the new application submitted in December 13th, the Losangeles lawyer JeffreyBerns questioned the legitimacy of the IRS “Coinbase users access to two records of this act. The IRS began last month issued to exchange the Coinbase ‘JohnDoe’ summons, the judge approved by JacquelineScottCorley in November 30th.

Berns asked the court overturned the previous approval, or the implementation of a protective order to prevent such tracking behavior. He believes that the United States Tax Bureau issued JohnDoe summons involving abuse, he also accused the agency’s file request “is too broad”.

Berns’s lawyers argued that this application is not to avoid tax investigation, he wrote:

“On the contrary, this request is designed to protect all Coinbase customers from the influence of” non rational “summons, although the IRS is not that any person involved in tax evasion suspicious.”

In an interview with reporters, said the representative of Berns, support Coinbase users to get the final document for IRS review.

“Although Coinbase has business interests to protect customer privacy information, but also do not want to conflict with government regulators,” the company said.

“We are aware of the JeffreyK.Berns IRS proposal submitted to the court today. We are tracking all the procedure, and look forward to talk with the IRS, “the company said in a statement,” any major developments on the matter, we will report to customer.”

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