Bitcoin expansion “big block” argument or rely on Bcoin?

Bitcoin expansion “big block” argument or rely on Bcoin?

With two years of bitcoin expansion debate, there is little software can be developed to substitute the bitcoin network the most popular and longest running software — BitcoinCore.

The relatively famous is BitcoinXT and BitcoinClassic, the two kinds of software are preferred larger blocks to support more transactions.

However, as a side effect of their ambition is network users need to implement switching bitcoin to perform these changes, but not all people are willing to do so.

This exposed very strange debate in the aspect of the expansion of alternative solutions need to put forward a kind of modified, and set up their own team of developers, put forward different opinions as to their cost.

One of the recent hot alternative solution is BitcoinUnlimited, this scheme allows users to support their own team and the miners want their code block size, but full of holes — or, at least, is still not mature. For example, in March this year, the attackers used two times that of bug, each resulting in a network node of the network most close.

In this case, a called “Bcoin” (created by the implementation of bitcoin startup Purse) joined the expansion of debate, and may have become a climax of the drama of the expansion.

The software project introduced in our previous expansion of thought – “extended block (extensionblocks or E-block), the company described it as a way to circumvent the block size stagnant now. The program after the announcement this week is much touted.

The idea is controversial, released a variety of complex technology caused a discussion. Some developers think that adding “extended block” is not safe.

However, expansion or block gained strong support, largely because of the rich experience of the development team. It is worth noting that BitcoinUnlimited supporters have also expressed approval of the project.

For example, ViaBTC pool CEO Yang Haibo told the Coindesk that the concept of Bcoin and his team to support Purse.

Yang Haibo said:

“I think the extension block will be a forward solution.”

“Promising” option

In general, more and more people believe that Bcoin (an alternative Node.js software (a Javascript runtime) launched the implementation in September last year) has a more powerful than BitcoinUnimited and other so-called “blocks” team and technical team.

For example, PurseCTO and Bcoin ChristopherJeffrey for the software developers to build, and implement an ongoing, called Plasma (lightning lightning network (ion) can be installed in the software above) to be praised.

At the same time, the author combined lightning network Joseph pan (JosephPoon) also helped write the parameters of the recently introduced flagship technology Bcoin.

Supporters argue that one of the reasons for the team to believe that mine pool has been in March this year by running the Bcoin software dug up a block, allegedly, this is not the first bitcoin client source code based on the implementation of the block.

The Purse issued a draft technical and reference code, for the implementation of the extended block based on Bcoin.

This is not to say that Bcoin and other implementation to replace BitcoinCore. When the company first introduced Bcoin, the company will describe it as a kind of code cleaner bitcoin alternatives, it can coexist with other software version.

Differences still exist

Although Yang Haibo is confident of the extended block, but not all BU supporters are so.

For example, the bitcoin foundation and former member of the board of directors OlivierJanssens criticism of this solution is too complex. He told Coindesk, “the idea of Bcoin is too complex”.

He said: “people need to overcome their fear of hard branch.”

In spite of this, many people hold a positive attitude towards the solution, even though they may focus more on other expansion options.

RogerVer is a bitcoin investor and operators, but also the most outspoken advocate of alternative BitcoinCore software. He said: “I am love extended block, but I think that if the actual block size increases, almost no risk.”

BitcoinUnlimited developer DavidJerryChan is this technology and other available solutions comparable.

“I think this proposal is reasonable, but fortunately witness than isolation.

Chan also said that BitcoinUnlimited developers are still discussing the proposal, but the team has not given the “official opinion”.

However, there are also potential nails. For example, one criticism of Bcoin is: no matter how good the technical team, Becoin will still need time to review. (for example, isolated witness before the release, will be audited and about a year. The test)

On the other hand。 The chief executive of Purse AndrewLee that the Bcoin code is already available, so the audit time may be shorter.

In fact, according to technology announcements, the next step is to deploy Bcoin in the bitcoin network test, further review, and improve the standard.

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