Bitcoin expansion dispute can end in 2017 to become the biggest suspense money ring

Bitcoin expansion dispute can end in 2017 to become the biggest suspense money ring

In the early stage of the development of bitcoin, discussion on the agreement of the community is almost the only important thing, and in 2016, this discussion can be said back to the center of the stage.

About bitcoin network scalability issue is becoming more and more intense, more specifically, the community in the discussion, modify the bitcoin block size, whether it is to increase the network throughput of the only correct way of transaction.

It is worth noting that, for some people, the continuing “debate” in fact is not a real debate.

In the bitcoin Technology Annual developer conference, called the proposal to witness the isolation got many people’s affirmation, if it is approved, it can almost make bitcoin capacity to achieve double.

However, some people continue to hold the opposition (differences in Nakamoto’s vision, and partly because of the BitcoinCore development team trust). Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of isolated witness debate has not yet been completely resolved.

In 2017, bitcoin prices once again returned to the 2013 highs, and left us the biggest suspense is: the miners would be willing to upgrade the isolation of testimony?

Many development process (such as hyped up, and a lot of entrepreneurial network lightning) company’s business model, will depend on the isolation to witness the landing.

In this context, 2017 is the key year.

Now, let us look at the 2016 expansion of the competition is to unfold, and project and related characters.

The formation of the two camps 1.

The block size and the scalability of the dispute, in 2015 has been controversial, but the main difference is that in 15 years, there are a lot of solutions on the table, but the party line dispute is not so clear.

To 2015 years 12 months, Blockstream co-founder and developer PieterWuille in the expansion of the General Assembly on the proposed isolated witness proposal, through the change of bitcoin trading data storage format, reduce the occupied space (without modifying the block size), to increase the throughput of the network transaction.

Isolation of witness can be carried out through the bifurcation mechanism of soft, in the eyes of many developers, this will be beneficial.

This proves that the etheric Fang, a hard bifurcation may cause economic network is split into two incompatible versions (opponents claim that the hard bifurcation will be more democratic, because it allows the vote, and as a result there are two possibilities).

The witness in isolation after the release of white paper, on the scalability of the proposal, effectively distinguish between the two camps: block expansion supporters (how much is about ideal, the block size is further controversy, and isolation) witness and second layer protocol (e.g. lightning network) supporters.

Therefore, after entering in 2016, about bitcoin scalability arguments more polarized than ever.

In February 16, alternative version of the bitcoin client BitcoinClassic began to get support, the BitcoinCore code was just a small change, the block size limit changed from 1MB to 2MB.

However, almost at the same time, there is another power group, the miners and exchange formed Alliance announced that they will not support any proposal will lead to the bifurcation of the network hard, then BitcoinClassic is a juebu play.

The progress of 2.BitcoinCore

In the 16 year period, 20 BitcoinCore contributors gathered in Zurich, reviewed the isolation witness code.

Soon after, BitcoinCore developers will be incorporated into the main branch of code isolation witness bitcoin code base, and began a new round of test.

After several months of testing, Core developers finally announced the isolation witness will be incorporated into BitcoinCore 0.13.0 code version of the software, so that it is in the pre activated state. While the 0.13.0 version of the software, including updates faster and other block relay.

At the same time, in July, Core developers also announced the upgrade of the bitcoin network block relay structure.

The project is the bitcoin relay network is improved. This system improves the data communication between bitcoin miners speed, thereby reducing the probability of solitary block.

3. to cross the obstacles

Although the BitcoinCore team made a lot of work, but the last few months of 16 years proved that the expansion of the dispute is still difficult to reach a consensus.

One of the obstacles from the ViaBTC and boss RogerVer, their BitcoinCore roadmap are opposed, and all have a lot of mining stress.

In late October, the ViaBTC mine pool all power cut to BitcoinUnlimited, which is an alternative version of the software allows miners customize the appropriate block size.

(about how BitcoinUnlimited works, you can read PeterRizun write, how about the BitcoinUnlimited node to handle larger blocks of text).

Due to the isolation of 95% witnesses need network support to by any force is accounted for more than 5% of the pool, can effectively prevent the floor isolation witness, the scalability of the process of an impasse.

The author at the time of this writing, there are more than 50% bitcoin all nodes running 0.13.0 or 0.13.1 compatible isolated witness version of BitcoinCore software, compared with nearly 7% of all nodes running certain versions of the BitcoinUnlimited software (data from Bitnodes).

Although that more nodes tend to BitcoinCore, but the expansion for the story is far from over, because most of the work force is still not a vote.

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