Bitcoin expansion for Bitcoin Classic, the three aspect concern

Bitcoin expansion for Bitcoin Classic, the three aspect concern


In order to respond to the market demand for larger blocks, BitcoinClassic came into being. It consists of a competitive (and Core) development group, as bitcoin expansion to the next million users use the most main way. Since its first publication in February, we have come a long way. Bitcoin status has changed, which is the right direction. This is the one we can be proud of the achievements.

Our two main objectives are: a distributed development more and more blocks. We are close to the two target is now, but there is more work to do.

3 years ago I began this journey. I try to use the BitcoinCore code to improve some annoying things. Now 3 years later, I have seen every file in the bitcoin and most of the code. This is a problem worthy of study, and will take several years.

I am in the main role of BitcoinClassic version management. This basically means that I am responsible for the release of the highest quality version. I love the invention and write code. I do a lot of things in the past few months.

Why this blog is titled “Classis” back? In fact, it never really go away. I think, when we release the 2MB remedial solutions caused a strong market response and discussion, Classis is put aside. But Classis is the solution we release, we are busy encoding and improvement.

We see in the market in which a change is the change of all bitcoin software how to work together to understand. This idea has been used repeatedly, so it has withstood the test of time. It is about not setting software restrictions, how can we have a limit.

All of the software when it is not mature, only for a small number of users, will have built-in restrictions. These limitations do exist, because the developers know what software can’t do good enough, limit the solution is by far the most simple “”.

This design is not uncommon, older people may remember, DOS memory size was 640KB. 20 years ago, the maximum size of the e-mail is 1MB.

The software part of growing up: these limitations make out a better solution. Limit is removed, people are very happy.

Delete the software will not be limited without limit. It just makes the other costs limit the actual size. You still can’t send email DVD size. Now the maximum size is determined by the market, is the basic calculation of cost and benefit.

Let us look at some market bitcoin miners incentive:

The miners dug into a larger block is good, because he got more money.

On the other hand, the smaller block is good, keep a little scarcity, there are still people to pay.

In addition, spend more time will send more blocks, the probability of computer was out of the higher, both of which are expensive.

On the other hand, the smaller blocks will lead to bigger backlog. The premium customer service week. In the competition, we want to avoid losing their support.

These are the conflicting incentives. Both have a greater need for block and block, need more reason. The end result will be, the block size depends on the needs of the market space block. Just because this is the most profitable miners. Here is the opposite, the best case is the bitcoin miners in others the good situation.

AndrewStone proposed that everyone they are willing to accept the release of maximum size, the block size of the market has become an open market. Now the miners can determine the ideal block size, and not have to worry about their block because of too much by other miners refused.

Pure market driven block size is a big change in bitcoin. Before everyone is used, it may need a little time. At the same time, Classic is committed to developing the next generation of several projects.

The network manager / management server

In Classic I started a project: network manager. It is a replacement of the network layer, we solved many from Nakamoto client inherited P2P code problem. In addition, is currently building a management server. The management server will fill the role of remote control. You can create a transaction, query block chain, and it requires the signed data for coffee. Except the last one, the other have been realized, the management server is the use of “Bitcoin-cli” existing applications.

It is the flash point of different degree faster, it is not only allowed to ask questions like the web server, management server and a real-time connection, data can be introduced. For example, when a new block join.

Therefore, it enables a new group can be used to create a web enabled tool. Some examples are: * to use the application management software, due to the warning and slow speed, nodes can monitor any number under the control of the. But also for the operation of statistics, for example has sent a number of megabytes. * on without local storage, query the entire block chain of scientific research. * from miners to block the full node upload speed is much faster.

This project is nearing completion 80%. Classic back on track?

Elastic Trading (BIP134)

In the release of the Cong bitcoin version 0.1, very good indicative of his future intentions. It contains a version of the trade field. Today, 8 years later, the fact that we still using version 1 of the transaction format. We have not the version field provides the Cong in the use of the.

There are many problems in the design of bitcoin, can actually fix the problem in the transaction format, benefit from. Flexible trading is a protocol upgrade, means to achieve this point.

The elastic proposal for the deal has developed several months, we solve a lot of problems the first version of the current.

Bitcoin repair problems:

Repair of scalability vulnerability

The linear expansion of the hash operation signature

Support hardware wallet (also known as fraud proof)

Very flexible future scalability

Double certificate

The transaction is smaller

Lightning support network

Support the increase in future versions of the script

Where are we now?

Elastic transactions made in testing network, to achieve 80% functions. We need to conduct more tests.

BitcoinClassic will definitely come back.

Friendly to developers

BitcoinClassic is 8 years ago based on the Satoshi code base, I have been expected to spend more time studying this code library. I am from other developers who learned that he is definitely not lonely. The code base is not even so much! The most common complaint is that it lacks the modular design.

It is difficult to understand the code leads to low quality products. It’s easy to understand: programmers are human beings, when they must create a clean code in a dirty environment, they will go wrong. I think the key to improve the BitcoinClassic architecture and code quality is very important. The purpose is to help developers quickly understand the code, and make our products with higher quality.

Because of the lack of modular design, so the best way to fix this problem is to introduce the modular design. Based on the encoding, such as “Application” as the starting point for the application range of resources, and there will be more encoding.

All products I mentioned today are based on common, reusable technology. As a quick example, using common message formats will be general trading and elastic layer between the network manager and management server.

I think and as part of the bitcoin the other team together for these improvements are very important. They have their own improvement, finally we have invented the repeated use of each other and the final code. I made a lot of people with a good conversation, such as PedroPinheiro, DagurValbergJohansson (dagurval), AmaurySechet (deadalNix), AndreaSuisani (sickpig), Freetrader and JustusRanvier. They are an excellent person to work with, to achieve and participate in most bitcoin. Our approach and ideas have many similarities.

The difference is important. Each bitcoin client because of their unique way. It is useful for everyone, help to avoid the echo chamber effect, we avoid before they kill the idea. On the basis of friendship, more competition will benefit everyone, which means that there are many implementations of bitcoin.

BitcoinClassic is back. BitcoinClassic is developing some very exciting things, we have come a long way.

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