Bitcoin expansion for reversal! The wind began to turn to the UASF community

Bitcoin expansion for reversal! The wind began to turn to the UASF community

In recent days, the bitcoin community yiboweiping another.

The dispute is not a protracted expansion for the result, a well-known bitcoin developer recently in the project’s mailing list issued a note, pointed out that a major mining companies are delaying the expansion of the dispute, because the result is likely to argue to eliminate its advantages, so that it can not be in front of to take advantage of this to go in the other miners.

His argument is correct is not clear. Even his supporters acknowledge that this argument is no solid evidence, while others are generally skeptical.

In spite of this, many people in the community think there are enough circumstantial evidence in support of this argument, and promote the miners are trying to prevent the change of hope, let the grass-roots organization movement intensified.

Usually, the miners is carrying on such tasks to promote the reform of people. But now the situation is different, some people in the community of bitcoin bitcoin calls for a change in the so-called “economic majority”, rather than the miners support, this method requires more (more experimental, more old-fashioned method).

This change is called “the user activates the soft forked” or simply called UASF.

Coinkite CEO and co-founder of RodolfoNovak is a new movement advocate, he said, UASF aims to correct so far led a year long struggle in the expansion of inequality.

He told CoinDesk:

The miners are trying to make bitcoin center, this is an unacceptable thing, this approach completely deviated from the original intention of bitcoin, UASF is really like to say “no, we control the bitcoin, not control you.”

UASF’s support rate seems to grow with each passing day. Now UASF not only has a special website and a Twitter account, and even custom hat.

Although the code is now running up is not safe, but some of the volunteers are running nodes using the node to support UASF. The volunteers can run the node to express the signal by adding a line of code to support the node configuration file.

Display support

Since last Wednesday issued charges, the change of nodes on the support rate has increased to 4.8%, an increase of six times.

However, because the code is not ready, the user is just having to show their support, whether it has a practical significance?

Developer Damian Mee said:

“Technically, doing absolutely nothing, but at the social level, it is helpful to prevent users from running out of date, and the version of the code in the implementation of UASF.”

In addition to measure the user’s support, some unidentified developers allegedly test in BIP 148 proposal and review the anonymous developer shaolinfry proposed reference examples.

However, so far, they are still a secret, and is waiting to see whether people support this change.

However, because the node count easy to cheat, so in this metric problem has long been so. For example, an entity can be a pile of nodes in the data center running in a Sybil attack, it has already been confirmed.

Most of the economic system

Therefore, simple computing nodes, may not be the best measure. In view of UASF’s unique mode of operation, may need to obtain clear support from “the most economic system or exchange, bitcoin wallet and other economic actors.

Also, since BIP launched in March 12th, UASF won the main participants in the economy’s support rate has reached 6%, the support rate is still very low natural. But it is said that there are other people to express their support, a lot of people are through Reddit company announced their support for UASF.

However, Novak pointed out that a considerable proportion of the bitcoin nodes are running Bitcoin Core, and the isolation of witness SegWit version, he thinks this is a good indicator of the definition of fuzzy economic “majority” to support the isolation witness, therefore will support the UASF version.

It is worth noting that, because the code is backward compatible, so the isolation witness node ready 80%, ready for the change of UASF.

In view of this, Novak said, his expansion plans to eventually achieve very optimistic attitude.

Again, although UASF has a reference to the implementation of the code, but it has not been fully tested and reviewed. The initial isolation to witness the start date is October 1, 2017, but shaolinfry recently put it ahead of time to August 1st, which means that if the community support program, the miners needed to send support for signal isolation witness before that date, otherwise they will make the network bifurcation to upgrade.

Attention to the wind

The idea is dangerous? Whether it is too hasty? Many people think it is. People have confidence in the current proposal, is likely to result in high spirits.

Others hold a more cautious attitude, like a bitcoin developer chat room shows.

Bitcoin Core Wladimir van derLaan important defenders when asked whether the developer should consider writing proposed by Maxwell BIP, he said:

“If we think there is community support for it, then we might want to do this.”

Bitcoin Core contributor Pieter Wuille mentioned, to determine when to activate the UASF threshold is extremely complex”.

Van der Laan added:

“Now we can not say that BIP is the best solution, it has significance to solve the problem, but still need to come up with the actual code.”

In the project mailing list, Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell outlined his charges to the miners, proposed the use of UASF, but finally agreed to should support depends on the community.

In a separate development, some developers are small market capitalization of Wright currency market called UASF, at the same time as a witness to achieve isolation way, and as a “test UASF”.

But like had also repeatedly try that what is the expansion of bitcoin, calm or strong passion will prevail, remains to be seen.

This article from the Coindesk, compiled by Lei Ying .

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