Bitcoin expansion has become a classic topic in the bitcoin Forum

Bitcoin expansion has become a classic topic in the bitcoin Forum

The development trend of bitcoin expansion dramatically, which some people think bitcoin is secretly promoting the expansion by RogerVer, but in fact, bitcoin expansion is created by a cryptography forum group in September 2015, because the major forum for censorship, so overlooked, then PeterRizun also published an article entitled “a block size limit fee market” article.

Review and Dictatorship: bitcoin expansion formula

There is a classic topic in the long run bitcoin Forum (thread) is called the “golden collapse and bitcoin rise”, it contains a discussion of the 1500 page bitcoin expansion. This discussion is created by the legendary user “Cypherdoc” in 2012, it discusses the relationship between gold, bitcoin and other global macro economic activities. Extended bitcoin classic version appears here, the second part is a discussion. The main topic in the pages of the release of the big block to block, economy, computer science and personal controversy. However, in 2015, bitcoin version of the classic era, but the topic will be the moderator to copycat forum coin. Soon after, the moderator to lock the topic, to prevent people from further discussion.

At that time, the review has filled the entire community, they (bitcoin Talk and Reddit forum R) bitcoin owners began to discuss the review of the relevant bitcoin XT or Classic. This is a thorn in the bitcoin community; one is to review and learn competing views, discussion on the other hand will also discuss normal currency mountain village.

Bitcoin bitcoin Forum on the expansion of the view

When asked to explain his position as Theymos, he pursued political behavior without apology.

He said: “I know how to post modest people, in the long term, banned from R bitcoin XT, will reduce the impact to bitcoin expansion opportunities through the use of XT. Although there is still a chance, but the chance is much smaller. If a large number of users strongly against XT, which reduces the reliance on the market enterprises use XT opportunities, or at least less than they did before rash (using XT).

Because the topic is censored, many users migrate to a new bitcoin forum In this new website, we see many deficiencies concern bitcoin expansion team and its supporters expressed improved has begun to mature.

About the effect of Blockstream on Core development group, the past around GregMaxwell on the controversy and doubts of the nature of the core perception changes greatly the resistance to refute; all of this diffusion in Anyway, the discussion to make things more clear, people on the Core because the Core stop people hostile expression do not conform to their world view of the proposal.

Maxwell Crusade

An essay written by bitcoin expansion developers PeterRizun proved this point, the paper titled “there is no block size limit fee market”, Rizun’s thesis asserts that the size limit of 1MB block is not the necessary tools to create market cost. This conclusion caused the anger of GregoryMaxwell, some of the arguments and methodology of the thesis he raised objections, Maxwell asked Rizun to withdraw the paper, Rizun Maxwell of the request response:

His meaning is to let I withdraw without block size charges market “as the topic of the thesis, and make a public statement. I will not do this, this is because a bitcoin expansion is right to argue. That network is not subjected to a 51% attack, and contains the transaction information in the broadcast program in the block size block is not zero (i.e. the possibility of isolated blocks).

Rizun proposed “there is no block size of the transaction costs of market”

When Rizun still has faith in his own ideas, but the DanielePinna yield under the pressure of Maxwell.

Pinna in Rizun’s paper “on the block size does not limit the charge market advantage of the nature of the miners” on the basis of the supplement. It is said that Maxwell also went to Pinna, the results of the survey asked him to withdraw the claim tend to agree with Rizun.

The Pinna Maxwell reading argument concluded: “this simple theorem refute any conclusions of my work… The center of the pressure is always there.”

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