Bitcoin far more than the market value of Visa

Bitcoin far more than the market value of Visa


Recently, bitcoin news value continued to occupy the headlines layout, its price in the past few weeks rose sharply. The digital currency price for the first time exceeded $10000 mark, and in a few days after hitting a record high of $15000. As of now, the price has exceeded $18000, is expected in the next few days will continue to rise.

More and more people want from soaring bitcoin share, so the digital currency market expansion to an all-time high, even more than the market value of Visa. At the time of writing, Visa market capitalization of $252 billion 740 million, against bitcoin be cast into the shade of the $303 billion market capitalization. Compared with the same time a week ago, this figure rose nearly 73%. For many experts ridiculed as “bubble” and “fraud” bitcoin, these numbers seem to be bad, right?

PensionPartners CharlieBilello research director at Twitter today announced the news: “bitcoin market capitalization of just over Visa.”

Yes, Visa is the world’s largest electronic payment processor.

Perhaps the bitcoin market capitalization of Visa behind to catch up, but the number of transactions, Visa trading volume per day more than 150 million times, and the bitcoin daily trading volume of less than 500 thousand times.

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