Bitcoin fell to greet the new year count increase encryption currency

Bitcoin fell to greet the new year count increase encryption currency


From 2015 to the first bitcoin prices fell sharply after the new year’s day, after a few years at the beginning of the new year will keep rising. But at the beginning of the 2018 new year, bitcoin fell again in January 1st, the lowest intraday fell below $13000 mark, hit $12801.40, and this phenomenon is called “bitcoin fell to welcome the new year”.

Look at the 2017 new year bitcoin prices rose 3.6% on the first day of 2017, bitcoin ($998), and in 2018 on the first day of bitcoin price compared to Sunday’s closing price of 7.8% ($1078).

Many people say that 2017 is the year of bitcoin, because its price rose dramatically, rose more than 1300%. But in this virtual currency, bitcoin rose is not too high. There are more gains than bitcoin digital currency is too high, here we come to understand.

Reboxetine currency is an encryption and digital currency payment network technology, in 2017 the price of reboxetine currency rose to 36018% ahead of the other encryption currency. And on Friday (December 29th) rose 53%, a market capitalization of more than $85 billion, and the market value of more than RMB second Ethernet, ranking.

The new currency, a currency and P2P encryption block chain platform, launched on March 31, 2015, and subsequently gained 29842% return. Occupy third and fourth are less familiar with the Stellar and the world currency. Stellar soared 14441% of world currency soared 9265%.

In fifth place is the etheric square, the world’s second largest currency bitcoin after it is encrypted, but the digital currency has been squeezed to third dollars gerbaud. According to the reported data, the etheric Fang now worth $72 million, in 2017 prices rose 9162% for the etheric fang.

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