Bitcoin fell to nearly $2000, is a hacker to blame

Bitcoin fell to nearly $2000, is a hacker to blame

according to BtcTrade International data deadline Twenty-two On the morning of 10:30 Today, bitcoin prices reported 125128.6CNY The previous day, fell sharply, also hit the biggest one-day decline this week. The cost of round fall reasons, and recently some early bitcoin investors clearing in the hands of cash Of In addition, there are rumors that the Ukraine Stock Exchange Liqui Hackers, the market panic, the trading platform fell situation. Not only that, in addition to other virtual currency bitcoin abroad have also affected, both fell.

The hacker has been a lingering nightmare of digital currency in the world. Earlier, South Korea digital currency exchange Youbite Announced in Nineteen On the afternoon of Four PM, by trading platform hacker Intrusion And the losses caused by the equivalent of the total assets in the platform. 17% . In this year Four This month, the platform has suffered hacker attacks, the loss of nearly Four thousand A bitcoin. Twelve month Twenty-one On the evening, rumors that the Ukraine Stock Exchange Liqui Hackers, cause Six 000 BTC Theft, hackers crazy shipments, the exchange BTC Fall to Ten thousand Dollars, down 38.64% .

In the encryption of digital money prosperity at the same time, more and more criminals are trying with bitcoin virtual currency such as the economic boom. Because each user is using your own key encryption to keep monetary assets, made a very big challenge on the bitcoin security. Different from the bank, as long as people will deposit funds, you don’t have to worry about the security problem. But the number of different assets, bitcoin transactions and theft are irreversible, making it more difficult to control illegal behavior. Therefore, a lot of people by making malicious software attacks and other encryption currency exchange services, or the use of a victim’s computer or to create Excavate The value of the currency, in order to quickly and easily get huge gains.

With bitcoin spot prices fell, bitcoin futures also fell homeopathy, CME Bitcoin futures reported Fourteen thousand nine hundred and eighty-five The dollar has fallen from the opening point. 24% . Although recently, the overall market in decline, but still one of digital currency confidence in the future. There Records show that one by New York trading platform LedgerX Buy Two hundred and seventy-five Hand bitcoin call option The option to. Two thousand and eighteen year Twelve month Twenty-eight Maturity date. The transaction amount of approximately One hundred Million dollars. See bitcoin is not only the trader. Legendary Wall Street investor Bill Miller Days ago revealed that its MVP 1 Half of hedge fund assets in bitcoin, called boldness of execution stems from superb skill Model. Bill Miller In an American public broadcasting company PBS The podcast interview, his creation MVP 1 The scale of asset management hedge funds One point five four Billion dollars, half of the asset allocation for bitcoin, this year the rate of return tired up 72.5% .

Of course, for the virtual digital currency has been controversial, although the retail and institutional investors and other digital currency bitcoin, but Buffett, Jack Bogle , Mark Cuban Other billionaires and financial giants in investment risk warning. Therefore, investors still cautious market, rational investment.

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