Bitcoin foundation founder joined block chain company as vice president of strategic Nchain

Bitcoin foundation founder joined block chain company as vice president of strategic Nchain

Was recently with a $300 million acquisition rumors blockchain technology company Nchain to solve the problem to start bitcoin expansion give counsel. Now they hired the bitcoin foundation founder JonMatonis as top executives.

In May 1st, according to foreign media reports, the blockchain company Nchain announced the hiring of the bitcoin foundation founder JonMatonis as vice president of corporate strategy.

The press release pointed out that “blockchain pioneer Nchain announced the appointment of bitcoin foundation executive director of JonMatonis company as the new vice president of enterprise strategy. In this position, Matonis will develop a multi level business relationship, assessment of Nchain strategic investment and acquisition opportunities to support business growth Nchain.

Matonis in the financial technology industry experience

Matonis is a founding director of bitcoin foundation. The foundation is one of the first to provide funding for the bitcoin code development of volunteers. The foundation is also committed to the dissemination of bitcoin, bitcoin promotion their advantages in the global scope.

Over the years, Matonis is the bitcoin supporters unremitting and popularization. His speech has also been published in a variety of digital magazine. His articles have appeared in the “Forbes”, bitcoin magazine, American banker, CoinDesk PaymentSource, etc..

In addition, the bitcoin foundation founder Matonis is a commendable achievement, to create the first bitcoin price index, and in 2014 held the largest bitcoin meeting successful promotion in Amsterdam.

More impressively, Matonis is recognized as a staunch defenders of bitcoin, especially when a bitcoin expansion solution in trouble.

He strongly and actively advocate the expansion scheme should not affect the bitcoin protocol integrity or dispersion. This means that with Nchain solution in the same position on the concept of his personal value. Matonis said in a commentary,

To the center of the characteristics of block chain brings about change is not the same as our traditional society. I am very pleased to cooperate with nChain, to support the development of block chain ecosystem, in order to benefit everyone.”

Nchain out of business secrecy

Since Nchain is the high-tech private equity fund after the acquisition, the company will keep its business. They don’t even allow employees to publish personal information in Linkedin. The current project specific issues in the media, they admit that the lack of public activities to the public.

However, Nchain seems to be decided by hiring bitcoin foundation founder Matonis to exit the secure mode. Some people think that this is the company plans to improve the measures. Matonis is an influential bitcoin community public figures. This suggests that Nchain may be preparing to conduct effective public activities, and will also compete with rivals such as Blockstream for example.

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