Bitcoin founder boarded the world’s forty-fourth richest man but still many identity

Bitcoin founder boarded the world’s forty-fourth richest man but still many identity


Bitcoin yesterday reached a peak of $19771 when the founder of bitcoin has become the world’s forty-fourth richest man. The problem is, we don’t know who this is.

In the past few years, many people suspect that the founder of bitcoin is a man named Nakamoto (SatoshiNakamoto) of the people. But there are also some other claims, including the Lille student Michael grams of cryptography (MichaelClear), Finland developers Willy – Levin Deauville tower (ViliLehdonvirta) a group of three people, or even FastCompany.

In December 2015, when police raided Australian businessman Craig Stephen Wright (CraigStevenWright) home in Sydney, just find out the answer to this puzzle.

“Connection” and Gizmodo via email, blog posts and leaked out of a large number of legal documents that Wright bitcoin is the founder. Wright was not admitted, but he later claimed that he is indeed the world has been looking for the Cong.

However, Wright did not prove it, because he could not increase in bitcoin at the same time in the first block of data generated on the physical signature encryption, but the real Nakamoto is capable of doing this.

We once again returned to the origin.

Quartz pointed out that no matter who is in the Cong, it is estimated that he has 980 thousand gold coins, worth $19 billion 400 million, more than the Saudi billionaire bin Talal (AlwaleedbinTalal), and after the apple co-founder Steve – Jobs’s widow, Lauren – Powell – Jobs (LaurenePowellJobs).

Of course, with the bitcoin price fluctuations, the price of bitcoin has now dropped to $18981, net assets of Nakamoto also will be reduced to $18 billion 600 million.

This is still a considerable amount of wealth, but is still in the top 50 of the world’s richest, only behind a Saudi prince, is still higher than the Russian gas and chemical billionaire Leonid Michael Song (LeonidMikhelson).

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