Bitcoin fraud so much in a China but can not cheat, because people only love ICO

The Macao Cong, I think is a liar.


The morning open a website to such a news, foreign bitcoin game player received a threatening letter to bitcoin to my account, I did not play would send a hitman to kill you, if you give me a bitcoin I not only don’t kill you, I also help you to handle the killer.

Think back to the lower fraud can often see this kind of news on the Internet, because bitcoin fraud occurs with increasing frequency, immediately close to 2019 today, will write all kinds of bitcoin.

The Wang Sicong red envelopes

Have musk send bitcoins abroad

In November, hackers fake twitter account to a musk, musk tone tweets said, I will be leaving Tesla chairman, thank you for the support!, and said it would send 10000 bitcoin.

At the end of the paper, “marske” also include a link, said we need to turn the small bitcoin (0.1-3) confirm the account information, in order to participate in the 10000 bitcoin (nearly $about 60000000) activities. Similar to the domestic mobile telecommunications fraud, give money and gifts.

Fake musk support

They even got entrusted to tweet comments: “I just turned 2.7 bitcoin, now received 54!”

“I made a 0.50 bitcoin and retrieved the 5”, “+25 BTC, thank you.”

Do you think that he is to send you money, actually you send him money, in fact, this method has been in the domestic several years ago for fraud. Now the police are often in the public platform to remind you that the sky will not fall

Phishing scams

Phishing fraud, should be the most common, but not suitable for bitcoin, online games, online shopping is also a lot of.

This is a liar fake a regular trading site and site of ordinary investors as like as two peas, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

Point into the finished

A liar will use a variety of reasons lead you to their website, then input your password and password provided currency trading.

As long as they entered the site, it can be concluded that you are a rat in a hole, just keep in mind that the unknown links do not point to strangers, fishing website routine or in a variety of ways to lure you into their trap.

This case has the old routines in the international community, investors in the transaction to confirm the official website of the true and false, beware of the token stolen by criminals.

SIM card fraud

Fraud is a high technology content, make people feel impossible to guard against. SIM card exchange refers to the target phone number to the attacker held by SIM card.

Mobile phone number and account number often bound together

Once the hacker received a phone number, they can be used to reset the password and the victim into their accounts, including encryption currency exchange account.

Many online services are using a mobile phone number to verify the identity, also opens the door to hackers.

At present, Sim has spread card fraud in foreign countries, but the country seems to have not heard the message cheated. This is thanks to mobile, China Unicom and China telecom. After the mobile phone card to remember to cut waste.

ICO fraud

Chinese people prefer to issue ICO, love investment ICO. He is often the last head at the root of leek highest, ICO routine is all sleight of hand “speculation has cut chives, what impressed me most is the 17 year of Pu’er and South Korea currency Sunken Treasure event.

Money is because Puer cheated the number and cheated amount, number of people moving, reached 3000 people, 47 million dollars. The specific event after online, will not repeat them here.

The sinking of the Dmitrii Donskoi

Korean shipwreck treasure event impressed me is because the play is not new, but it is rich in imagination. Liar said the discovery of a sunken ship in the Russo Japanese war in the Russian armored cruiser wreck, and found $13 million worth of treasure.

The company announced the virtual currency based on these treasures will be issued. And the organization of ICO. Later with the news exposure, they did not find the actual mining rights, founder run away and other negative news. The victim was wake up

This is it。 A skin of the old routine can always make tens of thousands of people caught”

Anti cheat

The industry believes that the “blockchain + fraud” often easily succeed, three mentality really to many “China aunt”.

The first is anxious to get on the train “thirst for wealth

In recent years, “the blockchain speculation continues to heat up, even frequently with” rich “hanging sign, excessive speculation in the absence of real case scenarios. Most of the victims did not have enough ability to truly understand the blockchain.

Criminal gangs tend to block chain blowing effect plus as if it were raining flowers, bitcoin “riches myth”, the ordinary people very confusing. At the same time, in recent years, with the sharp rise in house prices, ordinary people “wealth” of the growing sense of anxiety.

“Every year, the annual Miss anxiety air outlet” brings, indeed strengthen the many people chasing the train “” currency a villa “irrational fantasy.

The second is “the more high-profile more credible” trap of thinking

The disclosure of the police case shows that fraud MLM Gang often “high-profile crime”, even frequently in the major domestic and foreign high-end hotel held a “seminar”, through various media platforms since the gang members packed into block chain experts, high-profile victims.

Many investors see the company “strength”, “more easily fall into the trap of thinking more high-profile credible.”.

Third is to “make a left” speculative mentality

Many experts believe that the “blockchain MLM” essence is still pulling the head. In the process of fraud, the “victim” recommended head after the Commission, in fact become a part of the chain of interests, as long as the “Ponzi scheme” no fault, no loss of interest related personnel, lack of power to report.

Even in many illegal fund-raising and marketing case, some people still want to know is a fraud, fraud in the pre crash “gain profit in risk”.

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