Bitcoin future will continue to rise for 5 reasons

Bitcoin future will continue to rise for 5 reasons

Many people now jumped into the field of bitcoin investment. For example, like my mother. Before she seems to this I have spent 2 years in the bitcoin community work did not care, but when the mainstream media interview said bitcoin is a good investment, she asked me to return to Broolyn as soon as the home to help her understand this digital currency. This is a good thing.


Bitcoin rising prices is just one of the many reasons for this’ future monetary investment. “. However, since it is the case, the following are five reasons for the future of bitcoin prices will continue to rise, will continue to attract mainstream investors to enter the field of digital currency. If you often contact the field of digital currency, you should know some of them.

1. bitcoin value in the design with the time increased

With bitcoin trading volume in the world is increasing every day, the total bitcoin limit and every 10 minutes to reduce the amount of bitcoin (i.e. the last July 10 implementation of bitcoin, bitcoin halved) value will continue to rise in the foreseeable future.

The dollar and many other currencies every year in the fall, this is due to inflation, the increase in money supply. Bitcoin is deflation in the design. Bitcoin supply from now has once again reduced, what is bitcoin ‘half’, reduce the number of every ten minutes to produce bitcoin. At present, each block of reward for the 12.5BTC.

The number of dollars without restriction of production, so it may be because of a government or central bank group orders and inflation. The paper currency (currency) usually because beyond trying to repay debt, or pay for the war and the emergence of inflation. No debt in the bitcoin body, and inflation and bleeding. I would say we are a good idea to start.

2. legal currency

With the global Internet access, as well as a number of recent currency collapse (Greece, Cyprus, Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe and some other collapsing currencies), reached a record high for the economic system a better interest. Mexico and Ecuador have been discussed in imitation of bitcoin blockchain, create their own digital currency. China also has with Citibank and DDT are discussed. Tunisia, a country in North Africa, has started to build their national economic chain block. Japan has to accept bitcoin as a national currency, like the yen itself.

3. Wall Street / large enterprises have not jumped into the ranks of bitcoin

Block chain technology has been the darling of Wall Street, rather than bitcoin. This is not some kind of reason. Bitcoin has been involved in the scandal and regulatory purgatory in many parts of the world, so bitcoin can be considered a big bet in the unknown.

PayPal has been exposed to the outer bitcoin concept, but it is still not a part of their core business. Microsoft and DELL are also an important game player in this field, but by using large scale before bitcoin, before or even greater economic collapse, bitcoin will be deemed to be an outsider, rather than the best bet.

4. cash is out of view, in any case will be replaced by digital payments

The rest of the world will enter the mainstream system of digital payment and cash through the soft ban from. They may do so, in order to achieve control of the economy of all transactions, in the future to obtain records and tax on each transaction, but consumers will be getting closer to realize digital currency bitcoin become their real choice.

Bitcoin has not yet reached acts like a virus, is still in the development of APP, and update the agreement, will be the golden time for the arrival of the best preparation, therefore, its potential is still huge upward. We have just come into contact with the value of bitcoin on the world. Today, bitcoin prices have been at around $670, while 5 years ago, the price is only 0.3 cents.

5. of the world’s reserve currency devaluation, which increases the value of bitcoin

With the dollar through “quantitative easing infinity” accelerating inflation, the annual increase in supply and weaken the value of the dollar continued to decline, the global interest, and buy a bitcoin dollar will need to spend more. China has called for a new global reserve currency.

When the value of the dollar a year depreciation of 5-10%, rather than 1-2% every year the government claims, the dollar value of bitcoins will increase in proportion. As the dollar lost its “global reserve currency” status, people will flood the bitcoin market, looking for the opportunity to enter.

Since bitcoin does not depend on any country or bank system economic model, it can takings, like gold and silver, and the legacy of the financial system. “Digital gold” in the past few years to bitcoin owners not thin, giving them incredible returns.

My bitcoin value continued to rise not worry. The value proposition more and more mainstream television interview will praise bitcoin.

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Daisy: “the global reserve currency to lose value”? I wonder whether the pace of bitcoin lose value than the global reserve currency faster. The country, no matter how bad their economy, do not put their money supply to a monopoly by Chinese bitcoin.

After the half, why only bitcoin transaction value decline? In addition, the Wall Street is not going to accept a total collapse of the possibility of bitcoin. This week will be predicted to bitcoin. will be will be.

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