Bitcoin future will not be winding up, but the price is not going crazy

Bitcoin future will not be winding up, but the price is not going crazy

For bitcoin crazy, we are obvious to people, ten years before bitcoin is not worth a hair, at that time just at the beginning, it is completely without any price, because the product itself is a bitcoin virtual Internet, but with the passage of time, we see from the price of bitcoin is not worth a hair up to the highest price of $20 thousand, even if the crazy fall in the price of bitcoin is still very high.

So what is the reason resulting in bitcoin has become so crazy? From the data show that in fact a lot of bitcoin, are concentrated in a few of the above address, the bitcoin would prove behind the existence of one or a group of people or institutions, a large number of bitcoin holdings, and then through the process of continuous propaganda, let bitcoin up from the price is not worth a hair slowly rise, because there are a lot of people, to bitcoin prices, so involved in bitcoin, so more and more people into the bitcoin, to continue to promote the price of bitcoin, crazy rising, there are many people who earn from bitcoin above before, but more and more people are losing money, this is because the price of bitcoin fell from a peak of $20 thousand.

Because a lot of people were involved, bitcoin which has not been able to earn money, but lose money, then for bitcoin expectations have also so crazy, bitcoin can be said to be a loss of confidence, we can see the rising price of bitcoin in the last two years of crazy, then crazy down, this process involved, people become more and more slowly from bitcoin who loss of money are also very much, gradually for bitcoin, it’s not so crazy, and once so warm.

Someone once said that the future of bitcoin will become very valuable because ultimately smooth consumption is more and more big, so the cost of mining will become more and more, we have not considered a problem, that is, for example, now bitcoin prices have dropped to $more than 3000 price, then dig a bit the cost of money then it is already far more than the price, in the future, continue to go on like this, bitcoin will have to dig? After all, the loss of business no one willing to do, but there is the problem of bitcoin rose to a certain extent after the price how many people have so much money to hold bitcoin all these problems are very real problems, after all bitcoin to realized it, must carry on the exchange through our reality social currency.

And now the blockchain technology has been a lot of Internet Co research and application, then the block chain technology becomes ever so mysterious, and digital currency on the market has been produced and bitcoin pattern very similar to that of the digital currency, is also very much, so for the future of bitcoin. Certainly, influence is very big, after all, their price difference is very big. So in the future bitcoin if not liquidation will not become more and more crazy. For the future of bitcoin, what some of your opinions, comments below express your views, make complaints about it!

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