Bitcoin gained a huge space or in 2030 rose to $500 thousand?

Bitcoin gained a huge space or in 2030 rose to $500 thousand?

In the past 7 years, 6 years, bitcoin has been the world’s best performing currency, the price climbed from 0 to about $1190 now.

However, the first Snapchat investment Jamie? Liu, and CEO of blockchain and co-founder Peter? Smith believes that bitcoin is far from our full potential. They believe that by 2030 per unit price of bitcoin or rose to $500 thousand.

The views of Liu He Smith made a growing interest in bitcoin investors based on the increasingly strong, and the following are three reasons of bitcoin investors are increasingly interested in:

Bitcoin remittances increase

According to the world bank, in the past 15 years remitted to the overseas remittance payments, or electronic remittance almost doubled, currently amounting to 0.76% of gdp.

Liu He Smith pointed out that “foreigners send money back home have found that bitcoin is an inexpensive alternative. We believe that with the rise of bitcoin awareness, bitcoin based remittance proportion will increase greatly.”

Increased uncertainty

Liu He Smith said, the United Kingdom and the United States increased and some political uncertainty Chinese development, will help improve the investors bitcoin interest. Two people said: “we believe that with the geopolitical risk upward, high awareness, high mobility, mobile convenience and continued to perform better than the market and many other features, will make bitcoin consumers and investors heart strong currency competitors.”

Mobile penetration uplink

Liu He Smith believes that with the relationship between the world and the intelligent mobile phone is more and more closely, the next 10 years of non cash transactions in total transaction ratio from 15% to 30%. At present, the global intelligent mobile phone penetration rate is only 63%, to 2020 the total intelligent mobile phone users is expected to increase 1 billion. Global system for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) believes that these users in 90% from developing countries.

This will make almost all pockets may have 1 banks, but this should give a boost to bitcoin. Liu He Smith believes that bitcoin may occupy 50% of all the trading share.

The following is driving several basic modes of Liu and Smith use:

1.2017 years, per bitcoin price of $1000.

Until 2030 2., Internet users will increase 61 times than now. In a BI interview, Liu He Smith said, “in other words, to witness bitcoin climbed to a high of $500 thousand, the number we need bitcoin users to reach Chinese population of 25% (or 5% of the world’s population).”

3. each user holds bitcoin value will reach $25 thousand. At present, the average bitcoin market capitalization of $16 billion 400 million, the number of users is 6 million 500 thousand, the average per user holds $2525 worth of bitcoin.

4.2030 years of bitcoin’s market value will be multiplied by the quantity of bitcoin holders held by the average value of bitcoin’s decision.

The supply of 5.2030 years bitcoin will be around 20 million.

The price and the number of users 6.2030 years bitcoin for $500 thousand and 400 million respectively.

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