Bitcoin gambling sites in the rise of overseas

Bitcoin gambling sites in the rise of overseas

Now with the continuous development of bitcoin, bitcoin gambling industry has become one of the most competitive economies in the overseas market. From 2012 the first batch of bitcoin gambling sites set up so far, there are hundreds of bitcoin gambling sites continue to emerge, and this number is still growing.

VDice is one of them, and is the first through the development of Ethernet square block chain technology to become a fully trusted platform website. VDice is an anonymous group of components, using Ethernet square point to point network encoding operation. At present, the site provides only the blockchain traditional dice game based on, but in the future the sale (Crowdsale) after the completion of the website developers expect more plans to launch more products.

On the vDice website, every intelligent contract on behalf of a game, when you bet is equivalent to a ratio of investment transactions.

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