Bitcoin global virus attack! The hospital occupied universities have 360 security guards to fight

Bitcoin global virus attack! The hospital occupied universities have 360 security guards to fight

This Friday, with large-scale information security attacks spread to nearly 100 countries, tens of thousands of computer users encounter extortion. In Britain, more than a dozen hospitals, as well as FedEx and Telefonica and other large companies has become the target. British Prime Minister Teresa Mey said that the British government information security department is working with the NHS, to deal with the crisis. The same event also staged in Italy, Russia, Spain and other countries. The Spanish Telecom spokesman said, affected by the pop-up window on the computer screen, require the use of bitcoin to pay the ransom.

In Chinese, campus network has become the hardest hit, the majority of teachers and students of the computer virus file is encrypted, a lot of experimental data and graduation design is locked only to pay the ransom to recover. Some enterprises even separation intranet infrastructure also appears virus infection.

In the face of network attacks, major colleges and universities are also actively seeking solutions. Among them, 360 security guards NSA Arsenal immune tool “has been recognized by recommendation, rushed in the first line of defense against virus invasion.

It is understood that the 360 “NSA Arsenal immune tool can be a key to check and repair NSA vulnerabilities hackers attack. On XP, 2003 has stopped updating the system, immune tools can exploit closed ports, prevent computer NSA hackers implanted weapon blackmail viruses and other malicious programs.

360 security guards experts said the campus network virus by NSA leakage for “eternal blue” hacker weapons spread. At present, the “eternal blue extortion virus spread to ONION and WNCRY two family, the machine will be damaged disk file tampering with the corresponding suffix, images, documents, video, etc. all kinds of compressed data are not normally open, only to pay the ransom to decrypt recovery. These two types of extortion virus, extortion amount is 5 bitcoins and $300, equivalent to RMB 50 thousand yuan and 2000 yuan respectively.

A college classmate Tang said: “the night in the bedroom on my computer video, went out for a while, come back after that computer caught. Computer desktop display a blackmail letter. This letter, you can choose to display the language, Chinese, Han Wen, Japanese, English have. The contents of the letter is roughly to unlock your computer on the document, please pay 300 dollars equivalent bitcoin. It also threatened not to pay within a week, will not recover the file.”

According to the monitoring data of campus network virus blackmail events revealed that the domestic first appears is the ONION virus, the average per hour attack about 200 times per hour, night peak 1000 times; WNCRY for virus is the emergence of new global attack on May 12th in the afternoon, and in the China campus network spread rapidly, the peak hour night attack about 4000 time.

360 security guards experts suggest the majority of teachers and students, in the face of cyber attacks don’t panic, do an important back-up file; open the 360 security guards against extortion service; strengthen safety awareness, do not point unknown links, do not download unknown unknown file, don’t open mail.

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