Bitcoin has a total market value of US $500 billion, surpassing Johnson & Johnson of the United States, and the sharp drop is expected in the near future

There are a lot of melons in the currency circle exchange this year. After OK, the currency security exchange has to run. First, the boss of the OK exchange, Xu Xingxing, was arrested, which led to the failure to withdraw the currency for a long time. Okex’s position broke out, and the boss’s arrest was just the beginning. Next, the currency circle will be an unprecedented shock and excitement! At 1:00 a.m. Canadian time, Zhao CHANGPENG, the founder of coin security, was arrested in the XRP financial fraud case, which involved $65 billion in fraud, and was sentenced to 150 years under Canadian law! In April this year, coin Anbao launched its super annual financial products Among the 7-day and 30-day customized fixed-term financial products, the annual return of XRP’s 7-day cycle is as high as 6%, and the annual return of 30 day cycle is as high as 8%. In addition, the selling point of coin’an is “200% higher than that of similar products in the market”. Moreover, coin’an also increases the upper limit of user’s financial management, from two BTCs in the market to 5000 BTCs per person, equivalent to 47 million US dollars The upper limit of gold. However, from the perspective of volatility and risk, the digital currency market is much higher than the traditional market. In fact, any aging product has the potential risk of being unable to pay at maturity. Nowadays, money security’s financial products can’t be cashed when they are due. With the annualisation several times higher than the market to attract users to deposit money on the coin security treasure, the capital chain of coin safety has reached the bottom of the dwarf, so eager to raise money from users to fill the fund vacancy? As we all know, coin security contract uses ADL automatic position reduction mechanism, commonly known as “profit reduction” mechanism. The people who pushed the tuyere yelled that musk would spend 100 billion dollars in bitcoin. Those who still held the coins began to wonder whether they would be cut another wave of leeks. Behind the tuyere, mining became more and more difficult, and the miners were tossed to death. When bitcoin, with a total market value of US $500 billion, surpasses the market value of giants such as Johnson & Johnson, visa and Wal Mart, and hovers on the edge of the world’s top 10 assets, people in the besieged city don’t know whether bitcoin will eventually realize the dream of “one currency, one villa” or a “tulip bubble” that will burst again. On December 16, the price of bitcoin stood at $20000. At this moment, Han Qing (not his real name) waited for three years. At the end of 2017, still a college student, he took out all his 5000 yuan admission, waiting for the currency price to reach a new high of $19800. After the rally stalled, Han Qing began to suffer. Should we cut the meat or make up the warehouse? Since then, the price of the currency has also rebounded, but investors are still struggling to see if it will come back and where is bitcoin’s next stop? Now, in the face of bitcoin market, Han Qing has become “Buddhist”. Don’t tangle, not sad, the coin lying down, sometimes not a week. On December 20, bitcoin hit a new record high of $24298. A few hours later, Han Qing learned the news from her circle of friends. On December 27, bitcoin climbed to $28360, a new record. Perhaps it was hurt, and the early speculators began to be numb and silent. “It’s a new high. No one’s talking?” Some netizens asked in a wechat group with dozens of people frying coins. The interaction is only two or three people. A bit pessimistic, they discussed more of a heavy topic: “once (Institutions) sell, it will be bloody.” The Chinese government does not encourage speculation in currency, and the interests gained in foreign exchanges are not protected by regulations. On the other hand, in order to supervise the potential illegal funds, speculation in the exchange may encounter fund freezing, unable to transfer back to Alipay, bank card, etc. Behind the running money price, there are a group of miners chasing profits. In May this year, bitcoin block awards were halved, and mining has been more difficult since then. Computer graphics card is no longer competent for the task of “mining”. Li Quan (pseudonym), CEO of a blockchain company in Zhejiang Province, told the IT times that the mining industry is now specialized, and professional mining machines must be used to “dig” bitcoin.

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