Bitcoin has become a belief? Whose faith would it be?

Recently, bitcoin has become a hot topic in the field of cryptocurrency because of its rapid rise in price. Some coin people say that bitcoin, which is called “value storage”, is more often just a kind of belief, and can not solve any problems, nor replace legal tender or government supported currency. Despite the volatility of bitcoin, the data on the trading market once set a new record. It can be seen that more and more enterprises and institutions have begun to have a strong interest in bitcoin. Even listed companies such as square and microstrate have invested in bitcoin. The admission of these large institutions has increased the confidence of investors who have been waiting on the sidelines. As a result, the trading volume of many trading platforms has been refreshing when bitcoin has soared, and trading platforms such as firecoin and Saturn exchange have been receiving good news. Therefore, it is not a bad thing to treat bitcoin as a belief. After all, people have to have faith to live, and faith refers to the purpose of their own life in a place outside of their own body. To further understand, faith is actually the thing that you are willing to devote your whole life to. It can be spiritual or material. I’ve always liked the following sentence: I’m a pious and humble believer on your pilgrimage. Passing your eyes, I’ll finish my life. In the past, I didn’t really understand it, but I just like it. Gradually, the more I know, the more I find that knowledge is far from understanding. I just think that people should have faith when they are alive. Your faith can be a person or a thing. People with faith walk with great firmness. As an investment product, bitcoin has its own risks. Risk is often directly proportional to the return. If you can withstand the impact of risk, you can enjoy the abundance of benefits; if not, everything has nothing to do with you. Of course, it’s not recommended that you pour everything down. After all, it’s just an investment product. It’s uncertain whether you can win or lose. It’s actually a risk warning. It’s wise to operate within the controllable range. Bitcoin continues to fluctuate because its value is not directly related to any obvious reality. Because it is very difficult to predict, just like it did not stay for a long time after it broke through the 24000 level recently, so its volatility is very large. Among the thousands of investment products, bitcoin is a good investment product, but the best product should be suitable for itself, that is the best. You should learn more about anything before you touch it, and then act. The end result will be much better than if you don’t do anything. Therefore, take action. Success is not the gift of opportunity, but the necessity of struggle.

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