Bitcoin has been “bloodwashed” and the whole network of bitcoin has been sold for 3.8 billion in 24 hours! The currency price exceeded 180000 yuan / piece

I don’t know the meaning of the song at first, and then I see that I’m a man who has set foot in the sky. To be sure, a bull market is a wealth shuffle. Photo source: Photo Gallery $28000 gateway! Bitcoin has once again set a new record. After breaking the $20000 milestone on December 16, we have never seen bitcoin below $20000, despite thousands of dollars of callback. Bitcoin has risen more than 60% in the past month. Bitcoin rose more than 10% over the weekend. By the time of publication, bitcoin was reported at US $27271.6 per piece, with the highest value of US $28115.1 per piece (more than 180000 yuan / piece). According to the data of 3.8 billion bitcoin home network, in the last 24 hours, 60994 people have been out of stock, with 704 million US dollars (about 4.582 billion yuan) in all currencies of the network. Among them, the total amount of bitcoin contract was 585 million US dollars (about 3.814 billion yuan). Look at this situation, money circle bulls should be “pot full bowl full”? This is not the case. On December 27 alone, more than US $316 million was sold and $374 million was sold empty. Bitcoin has become the 20th largest currency in the world. According to fiatmarketcap data, the market value of “global currency” bitcoin is 18582543 BTC, ranking 20th compared with the global legal currency, but the scale of bitcoin is far from the first and second place RMB and US dollar. Second, the market value accounts for more than 70% of cryptocurrency. According to the coinmarketcap data line, the market value of bitcoin accounts for more than 70% of the total cryptocurrency market value, a new high since March 2017. Third, its market value surpasses visa, the world’s largest financial institution. Bitcoin, with a market capitalization of $499 billion, surpassed visa, which has a market capitalization of $460 billion, making bitcoin the world’s largest financial “company.”. It’s strange to call bitcoin a “financial company,” the only one on the list labeled “worldwide.”. Source: daily economic news is integrated from bitcoin, fiatmarketcap and companies marketcap. The above content is published by app for the purpose of transmitting information and does not constitute any investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and bear their own risks.

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