Bitcoin has been hyped up to $40000. Is it a “good investment strategy” or a “hidden opportunity”

For bitcoin, those who understand it may have a clear picture of its life experience, while those who do not understand it are confused. The concept of bitcoin was proposed by Japanese American Nakamoto in 2009. In recent years, bitcoin has developed rapidly and has become the largest virtual currency in the world. The production and trading of bitcoin relies on the software and P2P network designed by its founder Nakamoto himself. At the beginning of its establishment, bitcoin failed to attract the attention and recognition of the public. In 2010, with the launch of the first bitcoin trading platform mt.gox, bitcoin began to enter the trading market and gradually gained recognition from some people. In May 2010, an American bought two pizzas with 1000 bitcoins. This is the first successful offline shopping of virtual currency bitcoin, which has the function of real currency. At this time, most people who play bitcoin are Internet enthusiasts. They support this new thing and act as the promoter of this new thing. Some famous investment figures scoff at tecoin. For example, Warren Buffett, who is famous in the stock market, once said that he would never touch bitcoin in his life, because bitcoin has the characteristics of violent fluctuation, which makes the market full of optimism and pessimism. However, bitcoin has attracted many fans. By 2013, the price of each bitcoin was still at a low price of $12. However, at this time, bitcoin has been recognized by many institutions, and even recognized by the German government. All kinds of favorable events have caused the price of bitcoin to soar. However, bitcoin became cold in the market in the following two years, because countries began to attach importance to the supervision and management of bitcoin. At the same time, the bitcoin trading platform mt.gox was stolen 850000 bitcoin and had to go into bankruptcy liquidation. A series of events caused a major blow to bitcoin, and the future of bitcoin was questioned again. As an Internet virtual currency, it seems very normal to rise and fall. In December 2017, the price of each bitcoin hit a record high, reaching a high of $20089. However, at the beginning of 2018, the price fell below $10000. By 2019, the price of bitcoin will rise and fall. In the second half of 2020, bitcoin will start to rise sharply. The real surge is after 2021. According to coindesk, the price of each bitcoin broke through the $30000 mark on January 2, and then rose again on January 3, once breaking through $34000. By January 8-10, the price of each bitcoin had exceeded the $40000 mark for three consecutive days. Bitcoin’s rise is amazing. For example, gold will rise by 25% in 2020, which is a very high rise, but bitcoin has a rise of 295%. Some experts said that bitcoin’s rise was mainly affected by factors such as the halving of the market, the further increase in demand caused by the worsening global epidemic situation, and the continued admission of institutions. At the same time, experts also pointed out that there are still favorable conditions for the rise of bitcoin price. Before the epidemic situation eases and the global monetary policy is tightened, the price of bitcoin may rise. Of course, the rise and fall of bitcoin in history is too frequent, and the range is very large, which leads to the God of stock Warren Buffet look down on bitcoin very much. This wave of rise makes bitcoin price soar to $40000 and “rapidly” drop. Is it “good investment strategy” or “hidden killing opportunity”? Historically, the price of a bitcoin soared to US $1000 in 2013, and then fell to US $150 shortly afterwards; in December 2017, the price of bitcoin soared to nearly $20000, but fell sharply in 2018 to nearly US $3000. Just a few days ago, bitcoin dropped from $34000 to $30000, and $4000 evaporated in a short time. It can be said that bitcoin is a risky investment. At the time of this boom, some analysts have warned that the bitcoin market is still very small, which is very easy to manipulate. At the same time, the regulatory mechanism of bitcoin market in the world is not perfect and mature. It is necessary to weigh carefully the investment in bitcoin. We must pay attention to the market risk, invest prudently, and avoid actively increasing leverage or loan investment Bitcoin. In any case, investment behavior is a need to be cautious behavior, let alone bitcoin or a very speculative product. (this article is originally produced by thumb finance. Please do not reprint it without permission. Violators will be prosecuted!)

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