Bitcoin has reached a record high again. Can it enter the market now?

Bitcoin is now going up all the way, showing a blowout development path. In fact, before this there are many retail investors and dare not enter the market, the main reason is still the following concerns. First of all, according to the trend of history, this time point should be a time when the currency price is diving. The end of the year is often the time to smash the plate, but this year’s situation is particularly special, not only did not appear to smash the plate, even said that every two days will be born a new historical record. Many people are not sure whether it is progress or when to come out, because the high point is always accompanied by the risk of waterfall. In fact, some old drivers in the currency circle have such experience. Bitcoin’s record high is an inevitable result. In a few days, 2020 will be over. Looking back on the trend of bitcoin in the past year, it can be regarded as a very successful investment product in the financial circle. In March of this year, bitcoin dived with 10000 yuan, reaching a low value of more than 3000 US dollars relative to the history. After bottoming out, bitcoin rose all the way. If at that time point the bottom of the people, now is a pot full of money. So, why was the annual low value at that time? Don’t forget that the rise and fall of bitcoin are accompanied by certain events. March was the beginning of the global epidemic, and the number of confirmed cases in various countries of the world began to increase. The world’s major stock exchanges have seen a lot of diving, with the market value of trillion yuan evaporated every day, and investors’ information has been greatly reduced. Bitcoin has not escaped this catastrophe. The price of Ethereum also broke through 100 at that time. Now I can think of the situation at that time, and it is inevitable that the trend of rising later. As a blockchain product with encryption, the attribute of bitcoin is a blockchain product with encryption. It has no value in itself. It is some investors who give it value, and it is also known as digital gold. Of course, in their eyes, this is the same as the stock fund has investment prospects. Many people, especially retail investors, tend to ignore another feature of bitcoin, that is, the function of capital hedging, which is more stable than gold. Whenever there are major economic events or conflicts in the world, bitcoin will have a wave of growth. In the second half of the year, with the control of the epidemic situation in China, people began to return to normal living conditions. However, in foreign countries, especially in some European and American capital countries, their epidemic situation is getting worse day by day. In addition, some regional problems have also forced some investors to turn to bitcoin. I remember that when bitcoin broke through 10000 yuan last year, I was consulting the articles of some foreign analysts. Many analysts concluded that bitcoin broke $10000 for the last time, and it will not be less than $10000 in the future. It can be seen that foreign analysts are very confident about bitcoin. They even predicted that 100000 US dollars is the value of bitcoin, which is a result we dare not think of. Finally, judging from the current situation, bitcoin’s record is still unlimited. No one can be sure what the upper limit is or when it will dive. However, as a virtual currency with global consensus, bitcoin has a large number of followers. Once a consensus is reached, there will be no upper limit on its value. Maybe it will become what foreign analysts say. 100000 US dollars is the beginning of it. On the other hand, in any case, bitcoin is a string of code. It is basically worthless. Now that it is more than 20000 US dollars, it is also an air existence. When its market value begins to threaten the national financial security, there will be some national policies coming out. It is also possible to step on the brake or even return to zero. No matter what investment is accompanied by risks, don’t just look at the disk data, but take a longer view. Those who make money are investing in the future, and those who lose money are investing in the present.

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