Bitcoin has risen so much, but can it really sell? Insiders said: we are raising the price to ship?

#Bitcoin stands at the $30000 mark ා 01 bitcoin has gone crazy, and its price has exceeded 34000 US dollars. The price of a bitcoin is 220000 yuan. It can be said that no stock in the A-share market has been so crazy. But recently, bitcoin has risen so much, but can it really sell? Next, I will give you a brief introduction to bitcoin. First of all, we define bitcoin as a safe haven asset. Like gold, as a safe haven asset, it has no essential relationship with currency. However, with the rapid rise of bitcoin, we can see that its economic background is caused by the United States in this round of new round of epidemic. Bank interest rates have entered the era of negative interest rates, and US dollar assets have shrunk a lot, which also explains that bitcoin and gold have the same property, namely, the property of hedging. In the words of ordinary people, bitcoin is not cash. In our daily life, bitcoin can not be used as a specific equivalent currency. It is only used as a kind of safe haven asset just like gold when the national economy is in great depression or financial turmoil. Now, bitcoin prices have skyrocketed, and the logic behind this boom is actually very simple. But now, the problem that many people are facing is that although the price of bitcoin is rising all the way, the number of bitcoin held by retail investors is very small, and even there is the possibility that they can’t sell it. In fact, this problem is well understood. But now there are a large number of bitcoin holders. We can see from some financial data that the largest holder of bitcoin is American institutional investment. For example, in China’s A-share market, retail investors are only a small part of the A-share market, and more are institutions entering, so is bitcoin. This also reveals to us from one side that US dollar related assets are depreciating in a large amount. Nowadays, as a gold asset, there is a sense of risk aversion, and bitcoin is a virtual product. It removes a lot of intermediate links, and its price rising principle is the same as that of A-share market. However, if this kind of virtual thing wants to exceed its value and use it as a hedge fund, it may be simpler in capital operation. For ordinary investors, is bitcoin worth investing in? In fact, I personally think that bitcoin investment is a good income, but its risk is also huge. With reference to the bull market price of bitcoin of $20000 in 2017, it fell to US $3000 year after year, a drop of more than 80%. In other words, before bitcoin price returns to zero, it still has its investment price, but this kind of risk is very great. Nowadays, the price of bitcoin has soared, which makes many people see, hope, and the market is also trying to find a way to ship. So for this phenomenon, according to the stock principle of a share, we can also draw a conclusion that the price of bitcoin is raised and a large number of goods are shipped. In fact, it is the same as the current situation in the A-share market. As retail investors, we need to have a clear understanding of this market. It is good to see a sharp rise in the price of bitcoin. However, there is no official limit on the rise and fall of bitcoin price has become a polarization of its price. At present, it is the large number of bitcoin holders behind wall street and in the United States that drives up the price of bitcoin. The purpose of these people is also very simple, to fry bitcoin, to put it bluntly, that is, to let some people take good orders so that they can cash out and leave. But we don’t know what the real purpose is. But for investors, we need to invest in high-risk investment products or hedging products. But when we invest, we need to evaluate its risk coefficient and the value of assets that we can bear. After we have carried out a comprehensive and multi angle interest balance on a certain financial product, we have to make a comprehensive and multi angle profit balance It’s worth holding when the odds are higher, but you can’t ignore the risk at the same time.

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